GameSpy's Most Wanted Games of 2009 - Strategy

GameSpy writes: "It's a real rogue's gallery. A collection of game titles so insidiously cool, so despicably awesome, that we have no choice but to pursue and apprehend. These games are monsters, remorseless in their pursuit of fun, and 2009 is the year we hope to bring them to justice. The only thing they have in common? They all remain at large.

Halo Wars (Xbox 360)

Developed by Ensemble Studios (famous for the Age of Empires series), Halo Wars is a 360-exclusive real-time strategy game set in the pre-Combat Evolved Halo universe. As this is a prequel, you'll have squads of Spartans at your command as opposed to the solitary and stoic Master Chief. Multiplayer will enable you to play as either the Covenant or the UNSC in online competitive or cooperative skirmishes."

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Charmers3615d ago

Ok someone clear something up for me. When did Diablo 3 become a strategy game ? because I just checked that article and it is right there at the end. Now last time I checked Diablo 3 was an rpg but hey I could be wrong.

facepalm3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

GameSpy's "Most Wanted" List includes games from all categories.

The games prior to Halo Wars, were FPS games.

(OIC now I get what you are saying... I'm thinking that they forgot to add it in the original RPG section... Human error??)