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Carbide73316d ago

Wow. I'm not very sure which game is more visually impressive, this or UFC '09.

What do you guys think?

Serjikal_Strike3316d ago

for me....I loved F.N.3...and prt 4 is lookin really good

InMyOpinion3316d ago

This looks much better. I'm a huge UFC fan but the last trailer they showed of the game looked kinda crappy. The animations were stiff as hell and the gameplay looked lame.

I hope they speed up the animations in Fight Night Round 4. In the last game it looked like the fighters punched in slo-mo.

CBaoth3316d ago

On the PS2 it was very fast and fluid. On the next gen consoles, it was much slower and unresponsive as sometimes varied combos wouldn't even register. Hope the gameplay matches the graphics this time around.

InMyOpinion3316d ago

The UFC game on Dreamcast was awesome as well =) Took some time getting into but once you mastered the controls it was a blast to play. Until you had to step into the octagon with Big John McCarthy lol!

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Helghast Slayer3316d ago

Meh it still looks the same. I think i'll pass even though playing as mike would be absolutely great. But i would rather they make a boxing game using an engine like killzone2's. Until third party devs start tacking advantage of each platform individually (ps3/xbox360) then i'll pass on most of them this gen, with the exception of Fear2, RE5 and SF4.

Sitdown3316d ago

The same as what? FN:R3?.......perhaps you should revisit that game and then look at the pictures again.

InMyOpinion3316d ago

Congratulations! You've earned the 'Lack of confidence' trophy by rabidly comparing Killzone 2 to all games you encounter.

Why dis3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

Looks more cartoony yet more crisp, sharp and detailed at the same time.

shamv3316d ago

The only thing that sucked about round 3 were the ring girls, can I say low detail anorexia? They better get them right, as I need something to look at between the intensity of the fights.

Bren863316d ago

Think they could of done a better job making tyson look more like tyson.

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