Killzone 2 Gets A Tin Case Edition

If you live in Australia and you pre-ordered Killzone 2 at EBGames then you will receive a Killzone 2 Tin Case Edition at launch of the game. Could this be the only collectors edition available and is there anything else extra in the Tin Case? Only time will tell.

Pre-Order Link:

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TruthBTold3588d ago

It's just a case for the game, nice one btw, but not a special edition since those come with a lot more items. This would be more like an offer jsut by the store like here Gamestop has the demo and best buy has some sort of content I think, not too sure though, I could be wrong. But anyways sorry but this is not the special edition we would like. Just a store bonus for pre-order.

Serjikal_Strike3588d ago

I alredy got mine paid in full at gamestop...i would of preferred the tin case instead...the last tin case game i got was DOOM3

jammy_703588d ago

i got a tin case for far cry 2 and its very niiicceee!
so i wudnt mind this 1 :)
but if aint doing it then o well lol

Helghast Slayer3588d ago

Your damn right it's only available on the ps3. Also it is only possible on the ps3. Just imagine games in the ps3's 4th year on the market. The thought just gives me chills.

"I got chiiilllls, Their multiplying"

ppisatosspot3588d ago

I'm just going to keep spamming like this in every Killzone 2 article because the bots did the same to us "Droids" for those two glitchfests Gayble 2 and Queers of War 1.5.

Helghast Slayer3588d ago

Yep i'm from the Aus and that is our special preorder gift. I got killzone2 paid in full hehe. Hopefully it comes with some special artbook or something of that nature.

ppisatosspot3588d ago

i'm from aus too. Get Eb to price match from Big W for $89 then use the -15% off voucher from the EB games website.

jkhan3588d ago

Mate jbhifi is also selling it for 89$

ppisatosspot3588d ago

Yeah you do it at EB you get the Tin Case, then you price match to JB or Big W for $89, then use the -15% voucher from the EB website.

Costing you 75.65 with the Tin case.

Tempist3588d ago

If I was going to get a tincase for this game, I would want a real bullet hole put into it. I don't think that costs much more or is too much of a request.

cayal3588d ago

I'd rather the demo then a tin case. I didn't pre-order because of it.

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swiftshot933588d ago

omg only AU wtf thats not fair.

Bathyj3588d ago

Hey, c'mon, we get shafted in almost every other way when it comes to gaming, its only fair once in a while someone else gets the pointy end of the stick. The only people who get it worse than us is New Zealand, those poor buggers.

claney3588d ago

Us Aussies get it so bad

also whats a "New Zealand"?

Bathyj3588d ago

I'm Aussie and have preordered and I knew about the tin about a month ago.

I also go to JB first for a price and then take it to EB. They know me so well now, they dont even check up. I just tell them the price, usually $79 or $89 and I get it.

Its good to be the King.

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The story is too old to be commented.