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DPad Review: Buzz! Brain Bender

With Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? on the DS, Nintendo managed to hit a home run. Developed on a shoe-string budget and, although initially met with confusion by the gaming press, it became a bonafide phenomenon, still residing in the upper echelons of the games charts even two and a half years after release. With any such success story, it is inevitable that a flood of imitators will follow in its wake; and so it has been with Brain Training. Buzz! Brain Bender is the latest game clearly inspired by Nintendo's effort, but, in fairness, it does have a heritage of its own, with the Buzz! series being somewhat of a pioneer itself in quiz-show gaming. But has the series' cheesy host, Buzz, got enough between his ears to really test your grey matter? ( Buzz! Brain Bender, PSP) 3.5/5

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