Google Lays the Smackdown on Microsoft

There was a time when Microsoft was without a doubt the premiere software manufacturer. Nothing and no one came close to the level of success and penetration that Bill Gates & company had achieved. Almost universally, Microsoft products migrated their way to all facets of home, and more importantly, business life.

Yet since XP's heyday, that domination has slowly begun to recede. Seemingly insignificant changes in the market have revealed that Microsoft isn't the almighty and all powerful influence it's been in the past. Microsoft's grip on many software aspects is not as tight as it once was, as other companies have begun to make inroads

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FeralPhoenix4286d ago

I think a more appropriate title would be that: Google is launching a Office App to compete with M$. I think competition is great for consumers but its seems as if that the writer is just looking for something to put the "smackdown" on M$. It's weird that people hate M$'s success so much that they make more of a story when its just good news for consumers= more choice. I could care less about M$'s status as long as they make great products that I like thats enough for me.

nice_cuppa4286d ago

office is a very small part of windows and even smaller part of microsoft.

its true competition is allways good but if i still use ms office in a years time i wont be supprised.

r10004286d ago

Well thats two people here (3 myself included) who think competition is good...

But I read a lot of comments from people here who love reading news postings about the PS3 so call failing!!! which it's not, its not going anywhere..

Chagy4286d ago

Google Rules The World Point Blank LOL

Thugbot1874286d ago

I will start out by saying competition is good. My reason for that is it causes the looser to find way to innovate which is all around better for us as consumers and better for society in a hold. My thought’s on this is while similar to Microsoft’s Office this Google Office tools seem to be all online, that might work good for some business but as in a whole I think Google is going for a part of the office market MS didn’t think about (The small business who don’t have an IT department but heavily uses technology.)