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Neocrisis writes "Before I even start with this review I'm going to state this clearly. Metal Gear Solid 4 is easily one of if not the best game of all time. Metal Gear Solid 4 is everything Kojima-san promised it would be and proves to be a fantastic ending to one of the most memorable saga's in gaming history.

There is no hiding that Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best looking game of all time. The graphics really must be seen to be believed. There are many times throughout the game in both game play and in cut scenes where the game looks photo realistic. In fact there are many occasions in which the HUD pops up as a cut scene is coming to an end and looks out of place because it looks like you are watching a CGI movie."

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Satanas3587d ago

Well they certainly took their sweet time with this review.

Nathan Drake3587d ago

Nonsense,the Cell processor has the unique ability to halt time and all human life,therefore,the authors review is EARLY


WTF....Well i guess the cutscence was just too long that it took them over months to do a review :D

JUST JOKING b4 u ps3 fan boys take it personal.....

TheFreak3587d ago

Love the cutscenes besides the cutscenes with sunny they are a bit booooring. OMG watching her fry an egg that she even cant do properly is kinda boring. Besides that the game is freaking awesome!!

sonarus3587d ago

I was one of the very few people that really really enjoyed MGO so MGS4 lived far beyond my expectations

andyo133587d ago

That thought MGS3 was better? (in terms of its release) i just found it much more appealing and engaging especially the fact that big boss has the biggest balls ever.

chaosatom3587d ago

I can't argue with that.

I wanted to skip but i couldn't because they do have story there.

Sarcasm3587d ago

Better late than never. At least even after there is no "hype" they still gave it a 10/10. Well deserved.

Now bring on Killzone 2.

sonarus3587d ago

Remember in Kill Bill when they say you can't compare two hatari hanso swords since they are the best swords ever made. I sort of see the MGS series that way. You don't compare two MGS games you compare it to every other game. MGS3 was great and all but so was MGS4 and MGS1 and damn even MGS2

chaosatom3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

The Graphics and Gameplay were amazing at that time, and I wasn't into watching reviews or previews or anything related to the game before hand.

MGS3 was good too, but they took out the second person camera view. They added that later, but I didn't buy that game Again.

meepmoopmeep3587d ago

lmao @ Nathan Drake


of course!
BELIEVE in Teh Power of Teh Cell.

anyway, i hope KP comes around with a trophy patch
there are only 2 games i love and care for trophies
MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles.

PotNoodle3587d ago

I played through MGS2 again last week and the graphics still are amazing.

I think MGS4 > all the rest in terms of gameplay and acessibility (Even though it was sad to see that there were more parts that required more shooting than sneaking, but you could sneak your way through the entire game if you wanted to.

(which i, for the first few hours thought i HAD to due to the older games being like they were when you were caught)

It would be hard for me to say which was the best, because each game in the main series are like my children, i can't have a favourite - they all have their own merits over each other, which is strange for a game series.

The MGS series is my favourite of all time, so i do agree with the score of the review - i have not read much of the actual review though.

jammy_703587d ago

people will still be reviewing this game in 2015 and it'll still get 10's :)

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badz1493587d ago

..and not anymore? hehe...just joking, but even with all the games which came out at the end of the year, MGS4 still stands as the best game of 2008! GTAIV's success was totally overshadowed by the overwhelming MGS4 and I honestly say that it's an experience like no other! but a review after over 7 months is somewhat a 'WTF' moment but it's true that MGS4 is a masterpiece! I think I'm gonna play it again before KZ2 come out!

modest-genius3587d ago

Why did they write a review for a game that came out in June last year?

bassturd3587d ago

cuz they finally beat it and found out it is one of the best games ever made? least they didn't give it a bad score. Now let the haters keep calling it a movie while the rest of us know how great the gameplay is in between the cutscenes (which are great themselves anyway).

MegaMohsi3587d ago

The graphics are one of the best but nowhere near photo realistic. Crysis was the closest to photo realism so far.

PotNoodle3587d ago

Neither of them games are PHOTOREALISTIC, yes they look insanely good but photorealisim, in my opinion goes to GT5:P

However, i'm not saying it looks the best - just for photorealism, i think that goes to GT5, at least in terms of the cars.

Art style, however i think goes to MGS4.

bassturd3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

racing game going for realism


TPS going for it's own style in a realistic setting


FPS going for realism

Why compare? They all did good with what they have to work with.

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