Velvet Assassin Heroine "Fights Like a Real Woman" Says Developer

Not only did Replay Studios tell TGR that Violet Summer's breasts are "not atomic", but they also talked about her physical capabilities as well.

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cain1413589d ago

Eh as long as the gameplay is fun I don't care...

NovaUK3589d ago

Jesus Christ, making a big deal about videogame breasts is SO 1998.

James Abels3589d ago

I hope they really innovate on the jiggle factor! thats where all the money should go!

ReaperXL73589d ago

she will slap and tickle her enemies to death? Or will she go full on chick fight and whip out the hair brush and purse?

Chris3993589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Telling them that they're not as smart or pretty or popular as she is.

Oh, and she call's her enemies fat too for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

P.S. On a serious note, developers should really stop being obsessed with making the perfect "video game heroine" and just make these girls real. This gen, only Nariko and Faith get my vote. Lara looks like a prostitute, and so far this woman is dressed in lingerie, ya know, like all "real" heroines do.

Viewtiful3589d ago

Or she will do what the real Violet Szabo did, and sneak up on Nazi's and kill them. Don't underestimate Violet, man. All their base was belong to her.

italianbreadman3589d ago

Soooooo, what was Nariko dressed like, in your estimation?

I second you on Faith, though.

cain1413589d ago


I know you were probably being sarcastic, at least I hope, but there are plenty of women our there fighting in the military and dying for there country. Not really something to completely make light of...

Chris3993589d ago

Nothing about her was. Sure, she had sex appeal, like the beauty of a tiger - lovely to look at, but feral and dangerous. Her beauty was secondary to her purpose. There was also no "love" element to her tale, except towards her father, clan and friends. Her motivation was her honor and redemption. It was a brilliantly acted game and is totally under-rated. The mo-cap for the faces still hasn't really been matched this gen either.

As far as Velvet Assassin's "heroine" goes, she has her breasts pushed out, she's in lingerie and stilettos and she has a gun gripped loosely in her hand; not as a normal person might hold a weapon, but almost fondling. So far I've seen her:

A.) Naked in a bathtub.
B.) Screen cap of her shooting some men in the air with her legs spread-eagled (which is soooo practical).

I can't really see anything that her and Nariko might share.

I wouldn't have an issue if the developers weren't claiming to make her a real woman/ heroine. She's about as real as Pamela Anderson in Barbed Wire.

Oh, and I second cain141's sentiments. I'll take a Demi Moore style G.I. Jane over this tart anytime. Gaming would have a lot more credibility, culturally and as an art form if we would move beyond the stereotypes that have existed, unchanged, for years.

Rough, gruff, muscled, military marines (Contra is my first memory, and it persists all the way to Gears of War today).

Emo swordsman trying to save the world (often has a dark burden to bear - ooh!)

And so on...

I'd honestly like to see more "real" heroes as opposed to stereotypes. I dunno, I guess with all this technology and advances in "realism", I have yet to see story-telling and character development catch up to "graphics" and "game-play."


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Madgunner3589d ago

mess with meryl, unless your psycho mantis...

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