Ban ads of M-rated games on public transportation

The battle to keep violent games kept out of public view has moved to Denver. Yesterday, the Parents Television Council and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is asking the Regional Transportation District to discontinue advertising of games rated Mature and Adults Only.

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nice_cuppa4317d ago

i also think ditch m rating for 18 certificate and start prosecuting shops who sell to people that are underage and adults who supply to the underage as its the only way us adults will get the true adult games we want.

for every kid who plays gta there is a developer removing something adult from a game.

think how much cooler resi would be if they were able to truly target adults only. ?

Thugbot1874316d ago

I’m tired of seeing games blamed for parent’s not policing there own kids. Parent’s are responsible for there kids and should start living up to the responsibility. We see advertisements to rated R movies all the time but we aren’t banning those from public places. Quit blaming the gamming company’s and do some responsible parenting. I agree with the fact stores that sell M rated games to kid that shouldn’t should be prosecuted. However once again it falls on the parent to see what there kids are buying and what they are doing with there money.