RPGfan : Castlevania:Order of Ecclesia Review

Kyle Miller writes "Admission: Order of Ecclesia is my first experience with a Castlevania game. That may cause some readers to grow pale and quickly denounce a review from a gamer that has never played a Castlevania game, yet calls himself a video game journalist. Stop reading if you will, but know that you will miss the unique perspective of one who has never before stepped into the shadow of Castlevania until now. Jumping into the series this far along provides fresh insight, and I confidently say that Order of Ecclesia provided a hearty welcome to this venerable series. I could hardly have expected more.

Order of Ecclesia begins with the conception of the Dominus glyphs, powerful magic with the ability to conquer Dracula forevermore. Since the Belmonts have vanished and fallen from this duty, the Order of Ecclesia has stepped in to continue their drudgery. Our heroine, Shanoa, has agreed to bind herself to Dominus in order to stop Dracula. Unfortunately, fellow member of Ecclesia Albus steals the glyphs for an unknown reason and Shanoa is tasked with their recovery."

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