Sony's Blu-ray is Selling Well

There has been tons of "PS3 is Failing" articles all over the Internet, but has anyone stopped to see how well Blu-ray itself is doing? You know that new format Sony introduced with the PS3? Well take a look to see how well the format is doing and realize how much of an impact it can have on the PS3.

If you compare Blu-ray to previous generations of media you will notice Blu-ray is actually doing extremely well. 8% of all house holds now own a Blu-ray player in some shape or form. That may seem like a small number but in the same amount of time, 3 years from launch, DVD only sold to 4% and color television only had 3% of all house holds when they were first unveiled to the market.

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Pennywise3409d ago

FUD articles get old. About time someone posted an article with a little sense.

Nineball21123409d ago

Who posted this one? We should give him a medal or something...


Pennywise3409d ago

I dont have any medals... but here is a bubble!

Nineball21123409d ago

LOL! Back at ya, Pennywise.

Monolith3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

actually i have finally stopped seeing a crap load of anti PS3 articles the past couple of days,

on topic:

Of course its selling well its Blu-Ray

Marceles3409d ago

In before the digital distribution fanboys arrive

Shaka2K63409d ago

Blu-ray is selling faster then dvd.
Blu-ray's Audio,Video and features are a million times better then dvd,downloading,streaming ect.
Sony PS3 is the fastest selling 400/500 dollar system in the history of gaming.

The stupid Xbugs and Kidtendogs have no games to play in 2009 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

so dont think all the senseless anti-Sony postings are going to stop anytime soon, they obviously have nothing else to do no friends, no family that cares for them only infront on their Pc's all day trying to justify their XRROD's purchases Hahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!