Rumored US PS Store Content for 1/22/09

Anthony Severino of writes:

"This week's highlight is the F.E.A.R 2 Demo, that us Qore subscribers got our hands on last week. Still no word as to what the LBP DLC surprise might be, but I am hearing that it's either a God of War mini level pack, or a Final Fantasy character pack. If not this week the God of War Mini Pack will be out next week. To coincide with the presidential inauguration, there will be an American Culture pack available for Buzz Quiz TV, which I personally will be picking up. Supposedly we will getting a God of War 3 trailer, and an Uncharted 2 trailer. No word if this is new footage or a rehash of what we have already seen. Lastly as far as rumored content goes, hopefully Savage Moon will finally arrive after close to a month of missing the boat."


It has now been confirmed by PlayStation.Blog that the LBP DLC has been delayed in the US as well as EU.

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chaosatom3618d ago

what about Killzone Trailer and stuff :(

Sev3618d ago

Actually I haven't heard any confirmation or rumors saying there would be KZ2 content this week. However since Sony is starting to hype the game up now, there may be some type of a trailer.

sunnygrg3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

I am happy with FEAR 2 demo this week. That game maybe the underdog beneath KZ2.

Dir_en_grey3618d ago

The extended 5 min remake trailer was on since yesterday.
Didn't see anybody post about on N4G...

StalkingSilence3617d ago

Current Qore subscribers have access to the demo already - I haven't heard great things.

iiraymoii3617d ago

I had early hands on time with the FEAR demo and I have to was rather boring. I played it and sat there wondering (which is something a good game doesnt give you time to do) my god this is one stagnant game.

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BigKev453618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Wack update.

Sev3618d ago

There is always the possibility of more content. We certainly do not know the exact content list. We just go by what is confirmed and rumored.

koston36473618d ago

thanks Sev you are a great contributor to this site and we all appreciate it alot

Sev3618d ago

As long as there are people like you who appreciate what I do, I will continue to do it.

Thank you for the kind words, it means more than you know.

Mexico6193618d ago

man when is the damn DLC for Midnight Club:Los Angeles coming out???

WaR_HaWk3618d ago

i think its 360 exclusive.

joydestroy3618d ago

fear 2 demo woohoo! game looks promising. hope it isn't a let down.

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The story is too old to be commented.