Secret 'Warp Zone' area of Virtual Console revealed

Wii owners connecting to the UK Virtual Console will find a small surprise awaiting them in the form of a secret - although not particularly well hidden - area on the Virtual Console.

Wandering onto the Virtual Console to check out the latest update, CVG spotted a text-drawn smiley face on the front page which, when clicked, took us to a "secret" page of the Virtual Console.

The following page reads: "Welcome to the Warp Zone! ... Congratulations, you've discovered the Virtual Console's hidden area. This is your secret doorway into another dimension; a portal into the past, if you will."

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Ravenator5294311d ago

Another gimmicky addition for my Wii menu!!!

Ummmmmm.... Nintendo, could you maybe concentrate on releasing some quality "games"? Or maybe some sort of viable "online" gaming platform? I mean you are promoting the Wii as this great "multiplayer" gaming system!

These little additions are fun but in all honesty, they keep me interested for about 2 minutes and then I go back to playing my 360.

PS360WII4311d ago

you don't like Nintendo becuase they... you know there isn't a reason unless your just upset that you sold you Nintendo stock. This is the company that makes the best 1st party games and greater kid games then the rest. They make the most realiable system and have the best fun factor in each generation. Plus they have a customer service that is unmatched by no one and they don't even try to take your money away for fixing hardware. So yes indeed they make the best quality titles and they even have time to think of some nice extra features for their new system.