'Very Different' Team Fortress 2 Mode Coming 'Soon'

ShackNews writes:

"Team Fortress 2 developer Robin Walker has teased a new, "very different" mode will soon be added to the stylistic multiplayer shooter.
Walker also revealed that while the team is primarily focusing on bolstering the game's existing classes, it does have a running list of candidates for an entirely new class."

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DrWan3615d ago

i wonder if the PS3 will get this mode?

M337ING3615d ago

Not ever since my stats were majorly messed up and I was unable to fix them since Valve took out the **** stat reset button.

But hey, great for anyone who still plays. :)

Sasanova3615d ago

100 bucks says they will take the warzone mode from kz2....any takers?

JustinSaneV23614d ago

How about no and you cough up the money now.

-GametimeUK-3615d ago

Its laggy as hell on my X-bawx!

Eiffel3615d ago

Well EA did distribute the game in retailers and EA has some of the worst servers ever created by man. Should have gotten the Steam version holmes.