Sony to shut TV plant in Japan, cut 2,000 jobs: report

MarketWatch writes: "Sony Corp. plans to close one of its two television factories in Japan and cut more than 2,000 full-time jobs, The Nikkei said on its Web site in a report dated Thursday. Chairman and Chief Executive Howard Stringer will announce the closure at a news conference later Thursday, where he is also expected to lower the firm's fiscal 2008 earnings outlook, the Japanese newspaper reported."

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Darkseider3410d ago

In a previous article here on N4G, this is one of the closures I predicted. Don't be surpised if the next cuts come in the mobile electronics divisions and the Vaio divisions. Those will be the two for the full time employee cuts to the tune of about another 5,000 folks. The remaining 9,000 employees will consist mostly of temp./part-time/seasonal employees with a smattering of middle management and support staff.

Nathan Drake3410d ago

Heh,expected move by Sony,trimming the fat is necessary for all companies

smurfie43410d ago

I didn't even know Circuit City was going out of business until I went to their website.

Bazookajoe_833410d ago

But it´s though times :-(

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