'Prototype' Comic To Be Written By Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

New details on the upcoming Wildstorm comic book version of video game Prototype were revealed today. The book will be written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and illustrated by Darick Robertson. Palmiotti and Gray have worked on DC's Jonah Hex, as well as many other fine comic titles. Robertson illustrated Transmetropolitan.

The first of six Prototype issues is scheduled to come out this April, as is the PS3, 360 and PC sandbox style action game.

Click the cut for an "all access" look at Prototype, the game!

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Spike473590d ago

Both look pretty awesome and prototype reminds me of playing the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction on my PS2.

LarVanian3590d ago

It has not been confirmed if inFamous will have comics yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it did though.
Resistance 2 comics are on sale now in America if anyone cares.