America's Army 3: It Lives!

AndyGoes writes, "If you've never played America's Army, it is touted as the most realistic tactical first person shooter. The ballistics system is as true to life as possible and the military uses the game for training simulation. In its efforts to strive for realism in the game, AA is pretty much a one-shot one-kill kind of game. If you get shot, you'll either die instantly, or bleed out while your movement slows. The graphics in the current version are a bit dated, and even the when the new version comes out, it will be built on Unreal Engine 3 (Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War and Gears of War 2), which is a couple years old. However, having a game built on a dated engine isn't all bad - that also allows more users to potentially give the game a shot..."

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JimmyJames703588d ago

This is PC only? I just checked MetaCritic and it looks like 2007's America's Armies: True Soldiers tanked with a 43 for the Xbox 360.

roblef3588d ago

It's because these games suck. WHY do we need them? Not enough shooters out? Ugh. Blatant freaking recruiting.

JimmyJames703588d ago

Oh. I see. Never mind then. Next please.

ZootHornRollo3588d ago

URE = realistic?

wow thats a sad sad sad statement

bassturd3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

original America's Army games were free on PC. Full games that were completely free.

Ahh..those were the days. Now we get charged for the smallest things on consoles. Humm maybe I should go back to PC gaming. Avoid the micro-transactions and the idiotic fanboy wars. Too bad some of my favorite gaming sites are now just full of fanboys and even the moderators are fanboys. So sad. Shacknews was my fav site, now they are complete 360 fanboys. Just today/yesterday they put up 2 Sony bashing articles but of course always leave out any bad things MS says.

I can deal with it if both sides of the story or told. But nope, they just post one side and then all the fanboys jump all over it.

Maybe PC gamers are just more mature...I dunno. That site was mainly a PC gaming site tho and now it is ruined. You can say the same thing about this site I suppose, but at least we get both sides of the story.

TheIneffableBob3588d ago

I don't know... if anything, Shacknews is pro-PC. They are an all-platforms site, but they definitely still have the PC as their platform of choice.

Back on topic, the free America's Army for the PC is a GREAT game. One of the best free games out there. The console version, on the other hand, is crap.

I'm looking forward to America's Army 3. I had a lot of fun with the series.

pswi603588d ago

"This is PC only? I just checked MetaCritic and it looks like 2007's America's Armies: True Soldiers tanked with a 43 for the Xbox 360."

The AA Xbox game is NOTHING compared to the PC version.

This game is completely free, and is better than 90% of FPS out right now. The fact that it's on PC is why it's free, so to all above who are crying like idiots, this is a good game and when 3.0 comes out, i suggest you download it and give it a try.

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roblef3588d ago

Meh. Yawn. Bleh. :) This kind of game bores me to tears!

FantasyStar3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

It doesn't get anymore realistic than AA. I remember in the first one, I shot the Sergeant and went to jail :(

This game is all about skill and teamwork. If you're not a team player, don't get this game. You won't even make it past server list cause people will boot you if you're too low a level or you're uncooperative.

AA's probably one of the fewest games I respect because when you play AA, you know everyone else is committed.

NRG3588d ago

Very true. I hope it stays pretty true to the previous installments, just improved graphics.

NRG3588d ago

Almost all FPS today seem like the generic "EA-style" shooter where there is minimal learning and difficulty. You want proof? Go find a copy of some of the earlier Ghost Recon games and then try GRAW.

At least we can still find games like this that doesn't have a learning curve of less than a week. Sorts-out the idiots and kids from the true gamers if you ask me.

free2game3653587d ago

I wouldn't say it's the most realistic tactical shooter out there. For one thing, there's no blood in it, that kind of docks a lot. Compared to something like Operation Flashpoint or ArmA where you actually see the bloody un pretty aftermath of a firefight.