PC Soviet Assault set for March

When the merged Activision-Vivendi dropped a host of games from its roster last year, it left developers and franchises alike in limbo. Among the more notable of these were Massive Entertainment and the multiplatform Soviet Assault expansion to its freshly established real-time strategy series World in Conflict.

Ubisoft acquired Massive in November, picking up the World in Conflict brand in the process. However, the publisher did not address release plans for Soviet Assault until today.

Ubisoft has announced that World in Conflict: Soviet Assault will arrive on the PC in March. Gamers will be able to pick it up at retailers as part of the World in Conflict: Complete Edition bundle, while those who already own the original game will be able to purchase the expansion online.

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rawrockkillz3588d ago

Awesome! World in Conflict was a fantastic game.

Charmers3588d ago

I agree it was certainly a fantastically fresh approach to the RTS genre. I loved the whole 80's Soviet invade America theme. This expansion deserves to be a success. I just wish they would release it via steam that would certainly help boost sales.

rawrockkillz3588d ago

Yeah, having it on steam would at least make my purchasing easier. The 1st one is on there so there's a pretty good chance that the expansion will be on there too

Charmers3588d ago

You sure about that rawrockkillz ? because I just had a look here and there is no sign of it. It might be a regional thing and WIC is only available to American steam customers. There is certainly no sign of it on the UK/European store which is a pity.

Ah well I can hope they will release it on steam as a double pack with the original WIC and this expansion. That would definitely secure my money, but then these days it looks as if publishers seem to go out of their way to put us off buying games.

lelo3588d ago

NICE... Really liked the first one... reminded me of Battlefield but in a RTS setting.

Great RTS for PC coming this year.

Ludvik3588d ago

I was starting to get worried that Soviet Assault would fade away to nothing after putting up Massive for sale. Big thanks to Ubisoft for acquiring it and Massive for announcing that it's on track.