Biggest Unfulfilled Promises in Gaming

Now that President Obama has taken office, people are about to see whether he can act on all those campaign promises he's been touting for the last year or so.

This whole new-President thing got GamesRadar thinking about gaming promises that were made by large companies that have gone tragically unfulfilled. From small game features to hefty hardware claims, these are the promises that never came to fruition.

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Mr PS33588d ago

"we will fix the RRoD"

Uneducated Loser3588d ago

Simple.....The PS3

Better graphics than the 360? Nope
1080p native? Nope
Decent Exclusives? Nope
Worth-while online? Nope
Bluray Player? Yup

Kazu0 Hirai3588d ago

As President of Sony Computer Entertainment, I would like to add one more thing to your list. My good friend Mr. Kutaragi also claimed the Playstation 3 would be able to run games at 120 frames per second. In reality, most of the games on my system struggle to keep a steady 30 FPS. I am currently working overtime to make these bold claims of Mr. Kutaragi a reality.


Kaz Hirai

smokey_vols3588d ago

lol @ uneducated

Better graphics than the 360? Feburary 27th my firend.

Decent exclusives? That argument is still going around lol, everyone knows the PS3 has games.

Online? What's wrong with the PSN?

You are right on the 1080p though. What was promised about 4d?

Handsome_Devil3588d ago

Better graphics than the 360? just thought to remind you of MGS4
1080p native? yeah you are right about this.
4D? never claimed 4D gaming.
Decent Exclusives? LPB, WarHawk, MGS4, Uncharted, Res. 1+2, Motorstorm 1+2, Wipeout HD, and the list go on and on and on and on.
Worth-while online? It is a Great service if you ask me, and I'm not paying for it.
Bluray Player? Yup

----------------------------- -----

just thought to educate you.

Graphics Whore3588d ago

Just ignore him or take away his bubbles, simple.

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Lifendz3588d ago

and Microsoft is rather unethical for waiting so long to act on this.

DarkArima3588d ago

Microsoft is like the channy of video games =/

ezcex3588d ago

honestly, they still haven't really acted on it.

Chris3993588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

The editor's crapped out on him while he was writing the article (see the last page).

I'm on my second, it's giving me disc-read errors lately. I install everything on the HD as a temporary measure, but it will die eventually. Once it goes, I'll use up the EB games warranty and then probably trade the replacement in.

Been an Xbox owner for almost 9 months now and I'm really struggling to find the appeal. The quality is horrific, the games are so-so and the community is full of racists and bigots. Sorry, but I can't go one Live session without hearing the "N" word or having someone called a "f*ggot". I'm quite grateful that PSN doesn't really have much voice chat to speak of, to be honest.

- C

ThanatosDMC3588d ago

But it's bigger, badder, and more badass!


Graphics Whore3588d ago

I'm pretty grateful my Xbox360 has not RROD'd yet, but I know 5 friends who have had theirs RROD, including one out of the box. I know my time is coming but I won't dwell on it.

InMyOpinion3588d ago

They must have been on holiday when the PS3 was announced at E3 2005.

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NaiNaiNai3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

lol they forgot to mention 6-axis. XD

LMFAO the HD-dvd dive was a massive failure.

the six-axis is a failure, if the devs don't use or if they screw it up. if its built into the systems as a main part on release. then thats a failed promise. please don't try and spin it.

ezcex3588d ago

How is that an unfulfilled promise. Does the PS3 not have sixaxis, its up to the developers to make use of it or not. Don't be NAIve

ErcsYou3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

they also forgot to mention the 360's HD-DVD drive..

J/K.. somebody had to say it..

goflyakite3588d ago

Like you said, they just don't use it.

Where's the failure?

NaiNaiNai3588d ago

in the fact you paid for it, it was in the system it was a promise, thus its a failure. please stop trying to spin it. its a failed piece of hardware that was built into the sytem and never used properly, the games that did use it failed. tell me again how is that not a failure.


darthv723588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

How is the drive a failure? the format I can see but the drive is simply a drive. Does it not play hddvd discs or regular dvd's?

I have one and use it every time I want to watch a hddvd or regular dvd. It saves the main drive in the 360 from having to work. It also saves the 360 from having to deal with the rotation of a drive spinning internally thus prolonging the unit (until the inevitable).

Phantom...that was a failed promise as the dude responsible bailed with the cash and then crashed his enzo. The name suited it.

rhood0223588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

The six-axis is not a failure because it was never promoted as the primary control scheme of EVERY PS3 game. It was promoted as a means to add LIMITED (key word) interaction beyond the traditional means of input.

Had Sony come out and said that the six-axis was to REPLACE (key word) traditional controls--a la the Wii-mote--THEN it would be a failure.

But adding something as an after thought that relies on game devs to utilize constitutes a poor decision on Sony's part, but not an abject failure. With few exceptions, six-axis support has served its purpose and, in some cases, even exceeded them.
If anything, Sony's ultimate failure with the PS3 controller was not settling with Immersion and, instead of fessing up to the public, claiming that "Rumble was last-gen." But MS has it's share of word foibles themselves...

PirateThom3588d ago

Fact: There's still games that use SIXAXIS.

Killzone 2, for example.

NaiNaiNai3588d ago


then in your logic the 360 is not a failure, because not every system red rings. see how you keep spinning crap.
its a failure drop it.

rhood0223588d ago

A few things:

1. I never claimed the 360 was a failure because of the RROD. Nor did I say that I agreed with the articles assumption that it was. So that comment directed at me means nothing and completely misses the point of my post--which is about INTENT versus EXECUTION as the benchmark for failure.

2. Using the premise you outlined is textbook faulty logic and reeks of the overly simplistic analogies found on the SAT.

Parapraxis3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

"2.4 -
in the fact you paid for it, it was in the system it was a promise, thus its a failure. please stop trying to spin it. its a failed piece of hardware that was built into the sytem and never used properly, the games that did use it failed. tell me again how is that not a failure.
Dulzinea "

You must have not played many PS3 games using 6-axis.
Please specify which games (aside from Lair, which takes some time to get good at) failed in it's use of 6-axis.
High Velocity Bowling, PixelJunk Eden, Motorstorm 1&2, Mirrors Edge, Killzone 2, and others all use 6-axis very well, while not FORCING developers into using it as the ONLY method of input (ala the Wii).

Please elaborate, because it really sounds like you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about, and you immediately divert the argument to the 360's that makes any sense whatsoever (6-axis is a feauture, if you think RROD is a feature you are brain dead).

Again, please expand on HOW 6-axis "fails", I'd love to hear your wise words on the subject.

PS. I just Killzone'd you.

bunbun7773588d ago

Nothing i like more than logistical battles.

When I play GTA4 (whoa!?) i like to flick the sixaxis and reload-- call me silly but it feels fun to get a little movement in there after unloading the shotty.

When I play GTA4 on the 360 (not true--I don't do this) and it red rings--- uhmmmm.....

Ok you win this time.....

stupid logic....

callahan093588d ago

@ NaiNaiNai:

The SixAxis has been well-implemented in many games. To follow the format of the article, the 'promise' of SixAxis was that it would allow developers to implement motion controls to complement standard controls. Did it deliver on this promise?

Yes, yes it did.

GTA IV - flick the controller to reload
PixelJunk Eden - shake the controller to charge up
PAIN - shake the controller to charge up ("super ooch")
Metal Gear Solid 4 - Lean & peek out while hiding in trash bins
Warhark - Aircraft controls worked wonderfully
Folklore - Synchronized movements & yanking upward to capture souls
Ratchet & Clank - skydiving minigames
HV Bowling - motion controlled bowling
Killzone 2 - hold steady to steady sniper rifle
Linger in Shadows - shake vigorously to interact

And that of course is not all. The point is, it was not an unfulfilled promise, plain and simple.

Graphics Whore3588d ago

Haha, NaiNai, you did this to yourself, enjoy bud.

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darthv723588d ago

No offense but we are just getting into 3D gaming with the announcement of the 3D effect for the ps3.

So WTF is 4D actually?

Maybe we will get there some day but..... what does sony mean by it?

Nathan Drake3588d ago

"At the PlayStation Business Briefing 2006, Ken Kutaragi has just added another infamous quote to his belt, this time stating that PS3 games are "live" and that the PS3 concept is "4D"."-

The whole 4D thing is like the "Riiidge Raceer!" bit,a simple statement from Sony that uneducated fanboys jumped on.

aspergersyndrome3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

rEal TiMe WeApOn ChaNgE

Chris3993588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

- Characters aging in real time.
- Environments growing and changing real time

That sorta thing. Pretty lofty goals and would require an insane amount of processing power or a really phenomenal CPU. Or maybe just good code. I dunno.

There were some articles on it waaaaaaaaay back. Really interesting one in particular that showed the decay of a bathroom (I think), with rust, age and corrosion taking over at a scientific pace. Not like switching to the "Nightmare Realm" in Silent Hill, which is pre-rendered and pre-determined, but a completely random series of algorithms bound in code.

It's kinda confusing to me too :) If I can dig the articles up again, I'll post the links.

- C


Here's one link:

There's some "4D" vids in the link too.

P.S. Phantom "disagrees" are funny. If you have something to offer on the subject of 4D, by all means speak up; I'd really like to know more myself. And what is it about "4D" that you "disagree" with exactly? Honestly, those links should be locked by default unless you post.

TheColbertinator3588d ago

All this 4D and TEH C3ll stuff calls for the giant enemy crab song

rhood0223588d ago

Saying that the "PS3 Concept is 4D" is a whole different animal than what the haters have been claiming...

The PS3 "Concept" is the system itself (it's functions, it's capabilities, etc) and is what Ken claims was 4D. In that sense, Ken wasn't lying. 4D essentially means able to change and grow in real time. The PS3 is constantly changing--through firmware--in real time.

Notice how the quote is "PS3 GAMES "live" and PS3 CONCEPT." Those are two different things yet fanboys somehow mixed the two to mean "PS3 GAMES were supposed to be 4D."

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kosovo3588d ago

what a punk assdude you are.

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