DivX 7: H.264 w00tage and Blu-ray p0wnage We'll admit it, we've got a soft spot for DivX. The much-used video codec started as a hack of Microsoft's proprietary MPEG-4 codec, and was born out of frustration with Microsoft's video-playback lameness. DivX quickly became an important ingredient of Internet video, but in an HD era, something with a little more power is needed. Oh look, here's DivX 7. Just the ticket.

Although the origins of DivX are as a codec, the future is likely to be very different, and revolves around device certification. For example, you might notice that virtually every DVD player on the market now supports DivX playback. Well, the DivX chaps want to do the same with Blu-ray players, but extend the support to HD material too.

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Parapraxis3616d ago

Wow, what a retarded title.
As for the article, I agree it would be nice to see Divx + HD integrated into BD player.

Nineball21123616d ago

haha... I agree with you totally about both things.

blackpanther253616d ago

i have been saying this all day DIVX7 FTW!!!

lovedaddy3616d ago

Fingers crosssed the PS3 adds mkv support, and the 'scene' ditch AC3 for the vastly improved aac codec.

That would be simply bliss.

thebudgetgamer3616d ago

i dont understand how divx works