The Tech Lounge: Call of Duty: World at War Review

The Tech Lounge writes: "Well, I'm going to try, you know, try to keep the Modern Warfare comparisons to a minimum, although I shouldn't, because how can you not take earlier titles into consideration when applying criticism, let alone, not take games from the same franchise into consideration? I'll get this off my chest, if Modern Warfare was quality, there's no doubting that World at War is quantity.

Does a change of venue make it a unique game? I don't know, there've been other Pacific Theater games, although the stuff on the Ost Front are a little slim--multiplayer-only held against it, Red Orchestra is one of the coolest WWII shooters I've ever had the pleasure of getting smacked with--but c'mon, it's WWII. If the Second World War was a genre, it'd probably be real-time strategy. Everyone's had a tour."

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