1UP: Skate 2 Review

Skate 2, while it's certainly a great game, and a shining example of a simulation done right, it's primarily by virtue of its near-flawless fundamentals. The first Skate took a serious risk in the advancement of the skateboarding genre that paid off hugely. Skate 2, through no fault of its own, can't possibly feel as fresh, exciting, or revolutionary; but it could have felt riskier.

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PSN- TOMMYMGS43590d ago

for making the ps3 version framerate worse than 3shitty

sajj3163590d ago

You got it wrong ... review code has framerate issues for PS3 version. Retail version does not.

Lifendz3590d ago

It's from 1up. That site is in limbo. I can't take anything they say and give it credence until it shows me some stability.