World of Warcraft Insurance Policy - Get paid to not play

A new website service has ignited controversy among gamers with its claims to provide compensation for World of Warcraft players who experience problems with the game. The site will apparently offer payments for laggy gameplay, system outages and waiting queues.

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tilamiles3590d ago

I think its another scam, are they even legally permited to start an insurance company without fundings and support from the gov and banks?

The Lazy One3590d ago

you already pay a monthly fee to blizzard for this reason. Blizzard should pay you if they don't render that service, not some outsider. It's like paying twice for the same service, which is dumb.

Caxtus7503590d ago

Its not a scam....its just a bit useless.

One quote from the article:

"how could these guys get away with asking for a fee and taking people’s money on the promise that they might get some back?”"

Surely that's an argument against ANY kind of insurance...idiot.

srfto3590d ago

mmm like the idea just need some backing up by some name companies

kyleg3590d ago

what kind of life we are living in now get Insurance for games wow that is all i can say this world is fu*ked up.