Disney Releasing Bolt on Blu-ray Before DVD

'...Likewise, a PS3 console owner who wants Bolt early but previously only bought DVDs would have no reason not to pop in the Blu-ray version to see what all the 1080p fuss is all about. There's little doubt Bolt on Blu-ray won't be a reference quality title and can potentially convert some of this audience..."

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darthv723412d ago

If blu is to succeed then it is up to the studios to releas their titles on it before the dvd version. I dont know if this is the movie to push with but it is a start.

Soon it will be only available on blu and dvd users will have no choice in the matter. It worked for music cd's and tapes back in the 90's. CD "ONLY" releases sparked huge sales of players as people realized that if they wanted to hear ice ice baby they had to go CD.

What blu needs is a really high profile release that isnt already available on dvd (duh). Perhaps the next transformers or maybe even spiderman 4.

Marceles3412d ago

I hope Disney brings the classic Pixar movies out on Blu-ray soon

TMRBac3412d ago

Confirmed are A Bug's Life this spring/summer followed by Monsters Inc before year's end.

Nineball21123412d ago

Anyone know anything about Toy Story on Blu-Ray?

dznutz003412d ago

Yep this is a good way to try to push DVDs out the race. I'm sure they will do this more as bigger and better movies come.

DaDarkKnight3412d ago

Lol, yeah they are doing the same thing they did with vhs when they were trying to establish dvd. I remember when a new movie was released they would only release it on dvd and the only way you could get it on vhs the same day was to rent it lol