Is Playing Video Games Good For You?

You've heard the complaints over and over again. Kids playing video games instead of playing the real version outside. But the folks at Electronic Arts are here to say that there's some value in playing one of their most stalwart franchises, "Madden."

EA commissioned the University of Oregon's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center to survey average NFL fans versus those that played "Madden."

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PSN- TOMMYMGS43585d ago

require lot more thinking then watching tv or reading books

andyo133585d ago

If video games are bad for you then so are tv's and books. Books arn't so bad as they increase you reading and writing skill. Of course there is no such thing on the internet as correct spelling! It's all corrct!!!!!! Anyway's just because video games are better than tv and book's doesnt mean its good for you. Me for example have done nothing but play video games for the holidays and i don't feel happy, it makes you wish you were out at a party or something.

Mr PS33585d ago

Yes !!!
If you own a Xbox
No !!

Hooded Vendetta3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Why? My thoughts...

Playing alot of video games increases your learning capability, when you play a new game it takes very little time to get to grips with playing the game, controls, story and even strategy for some games. So it takes a great deal of thinking, something that other media cannot accomplish.

Watching Television takes very little thought, you sit and absorb the information an don't take anything in longterm, once the program your watching is over you forget.

Books is a different thing, they've been around for years and actually takes a great deal of thought and imagination, more so than gaming but the level of interaction is what separates books and video games.

I said at the start "playing a lot of games is good", but playing a lot of one video game is not good.

Serjikal_Strike3585d ago

to a certain point...if you end up on Intervention...then thats not good!

Graphics Whore3585d ago

I support anything that exerts your creativity in a sanely manner.