Alan Wake developers office screenshot shows some new Alan Wake gameplay shot

Remedy, the makers of acclaimed shooter Max Payne released a few pictures of their working offices. The offices look cool, but one picture caught my attention. There was something on one of the screen...

The first real gameplay shot of Alan Wake.

Description on the picture was:

"Here's a pic of my room & desk. Some questions on the picture's content may be answered later."

Is Alan Wake gameplay going to be shown soon? Stay tuned!


More pics from the offices:

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N4PS3G3562d ago

I see a dev kit...running on the 360? : )

chaosatom3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Don't we know that the Devs are working the Alan Wake on the 360 already?

N4PS3G3562d ago

where does it says footage? It says gameplay shot

of course they are working on the 360 version ..but everything we've seen was the PC version this is the first gameplay shot running from a 360 devkit

Mindboggle3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Come on, how do we know this is an Alan Wake gameplay shot. It could be anything on that screen as the image is far too small to see anything legible. I thought it was Far Cry 2 at first.

It might be though but its too small to get anything constructive from it.

ThanatosDMC3562d ago

I reported it cuz i dont see $hit.

Montrealien3562d ago

It seems MarkusRMD is known to drop some unexpected suprises in shots like that.

I did not report it because it is a decent find imho. game clearly has a Max Pain like hud.

Dark_Vendetta3562d ago

I can't really see anything too, but I'm sure its wake in the left side of the screenshot:

iNcRiMiNaTi3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

i tried to enlarge the image, game looks like its shaping along nicely

Blademask3562d ago

going back to sleep now.

sonarus3562d ago

Wow i didn't know we were this desperate for Alan wake info

NewZealander3562d ago

my eyes are burning!

this is pointless, i cant make anything out from this blured mess of a picture, cant wait for the day when we actuallt see some propper in game fotage though.

BattleAxe3562d ago


pixelsword3562d ago

If this is indeed Alan Wake, there's an old run-down section of the town that looks like it dates back to much older days, which may be the origin of the antagonists in this story.

Why dis3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Maybe some 360 fans will show up in here.

Can't wait for this thriller it is Photo real even with the poor quality screen(console and PC versions will be almost identical devs say)

freeblue3561d ago

Best 360 Graphic ever :)

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Sasanova3562d ago

aaah think link is broken...

N4PS3G3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

ahh its working here :S

here's the pic:

tompoulo3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

It seems like they have been playing Far Cry 2... There is a copy on the right!!!

Kleptic3561d ago

the game on his screen is almost definitely far cry 2...

seriously...look at it...the art direction completely fits far cry 2...and is 100% unlike any of the dark, pine forest like setting of what has been shown for Alan Wake...

I played that part of far cry 2...its a bunch of wood cabins and catwalks...and I blew all that shat up...I would be very surprised if Alan Wake looked that similar to Far Cry 2 at any point...

but like mentioned above...there is a Far Cry 2 box sitting on the desk...its far cry 2 people...i'd put money on it...

pwnsause3562d ago

it could be running on the 360 dev kit, but there are 2 PCs there.

N4PS3G3562d ago

MarkusRMD confirmed it was running from the devkit

Fishy Fingers3562d ago

What difference does it make. It's a 360/PC game and you cant tell squat from the measly image anyway.

pwnsause3562d ago

good. Lets see if they can get the game out before the end of the year then.

Nathan Drake3562d ago

My most anticipated Xbox 360 game yet,Remedy,please don't [email protected]#k this up

creeping judas3562d ago

I think somewhere pigs are flying, and some place very hot just froze over!!! A nice comment from Nathan for a 360 game.

Just kidding. But I agree with you 100%

LeonSKennedy4Life3562d ago

Nathan just prefers the PS3. He's always the first to say a game looks good, no matter what system it's on.

I'm excited for this one too...although I'll be getting it for my PC.

creeping judas3562d ago

It was meant more of a joke then a shot at him. and that is not me disagreeing with you??

andron3562d ago

Hard to get excited for this game when we know so little about it. Right now it sounds like a Alone in the Dark as written by Stephen King deal.

But what will the gameplay be like?

Kleptic3561d ago

definitely agree...Remedy is easily the most talented dev to work on a 360 'exclusive' imo...while Valve does too...they also haven't really offered anything new yet...just L4D which was a more or less a mod for Half Life 2...just like everything else they have released since 2004...

but Max Payne 1 and 2 were completely awesome...and still are...I hope Remedy really pushes the 360...more so than no one really cares about PC games designed to run on PCs not even available yet...but I am very interested to see if a talented dev can really squeeze considerably more visuals than what UE3 has done...on the 360...Alan Wake is the only game with the talent, the time, and the budget behind it to really show if the 360 is maxed out yet or least in terms of whats been announced...

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Hiruma Youchi3562d ago

we dont really see much.. I cant say much because of that.