Sony opens Blu-ray plant in China

Sony, the studio behind the Blu-ray format, has begun manufacturing the high-definition discs in China.

Move follows Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's November decision to start distributing imported Blu-ray discs in China through a joint venture with Excel Media.

Production of up to half a million discs per month is to be handled through Shanghai Epic, a joint venture replication and music publishing company owned by Sony Disc and Digital Solutions and Shanghai Jingwen Investment and Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment, both offshoots of the powerful Shanghai Media Group.

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Nathan Drake3411d ago

Sorry,Sony is dead,this article is a complete lie.

(Waits for the first person with a broken sarcasm detector to emerge)

theKiller3411d ago

no body needs blue ray(its dead) and DD is the present and future and ps3 is dead in the coffin. and DVD is more than enough and the normal consumer is enough blind to not see the difference.

Darkseider3411d ago

mass production = lower prices = WIN

BulletToothtony3411d ago

back in like 93, i picked up my first dvd player in 2000 when they hit $20 mark after they were being made in china..

bluray just speeded this process by going into china.. i hope they hit the sub $100 mark by august this year..

but more importantly i hope the disks drop to the $15 mark :0)

ultimolu3411d ago

What the hell?! Sony shouldn't be opening plants! They're doomed I tell ya, dooooomed!

Nineball21123411d ago

What was I thinking in submitting this one!!

It's not negative against Sony!! ///major sarcasm

This is great news for Sony. Sony is expanding and blu-ray was a brilliant move for them. (And yes, I really mean that!)

piam453411d ago

it doesnt matter how much they are i can still watch a hi def movie on a games machine my blu ray collection is cumin on very well heroes season 1&2 casino royale,the dark night, iron man, coverfield,cass the movie, kill bill vol 1&2... yeah they are so doomed...

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