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The Exclusive Arms Race: 2009 Update

Gaming Target examines and analyzes the exclusive titles for each consoles that are scheduled to be released in 2009:

"Unsurprisingly, the Wii will see the most exclusive releases in 2009. This is understandable as there will be plenty of games available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 that won't be on the Wii (anti-exclusives, you could say). But that's not to say the Wii's large quantity of exclusives comes from castoffs and shovelware (it's important to note this list does not include any of the shovelware that's been announced for the Wii). Instead, I say 2009 is the year that third parties finally get a handle on the Wii and start producing good games that even hardcore gamers can't ignore." (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

beast  +   2385d ago
This Crappy Site AGAIN.
Of course they missed a small game like Yakuza 3 or Free Realsm or announced Ratchet and Clank sequeal or even war devil.

Typical Bias crap .. dont give them any hits
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KingJFS  +   2385d ago
Yakuza 3 - No American release date, no rumored release date
Free Realms - No PS3 release date, no rumored release date
announced Ratchet and Clank sequeal - Currently unannounced
war devil - No release date, no rumored release date

None of those games qualify for an article of "2009 releases."
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SwiderMan  +   2385d ago
What's wrong with this site?
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Jamegohanssj5  +   2385d ago
Wii? ROFLMAO! GTFO Beast lol.

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Helghast Slayer  +   2385d ago
LoL at the fool trying to downplay the ps3's incredible lineup. Funny thing is the ps3 will yet again have the highest rated exclusives of 2009.
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topgeareasy  +   2385d ago
quality vs quantity
PS3 vs WII with the 360 having neither

PS3 FTW!!!!
goflyakite  +   2384d ago
Alright lets have a look.

From this list:

51 Wii EXCLUSIVE games.
14 PS3 EXCLUSIVE games.
10 360 EXCLUSIVE games.

That's too bad, the 360's in last.

It sucks that every other 360 'exclusive' comes to the PC.
ReaperXL7  +   2385d ago
Their Logic fails....
Adding games like Halo Chronicles,Huxley, Splinter Cell Conviction to the 360 list almost completely screws this up entirely, as these games have never recived even rumored release dates.

I have wanted to get my hands on Huxley for along time, but I really don't ever expect it to be released.
Darkseider  +   2385d ago
Huxley while it looks interesting has already been done a LONG time ago by none other than SOE. There is this MMOFPS w/ RPG elements still up and running by the name of PlanetSide.


Just thought I would throw that out there.
blackpanther25  +   2384d ago
has been in korea for the longest time. I will tell you why there is no release date on it. IT FAILED. The game was suppose to play like COD4 but it works like UT3, but even faster and you can't aim correctly. The bots move so fast that they make the flash seem slow. I was sooo hyped up about this game that i even found out a way to create a Korean SSN and mailing address. When i finally got to play it I was so pissed. They promised so much stuff and they can't even get the gameplay right.

I am looking forward to APB, but that game is not even in closed beta yet. So it does not have a release date. Thus, it should not even be mentioned in this article
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ultimolu  +   2385d ago
...Are they f*cking serious...
goflyakite  +   2385d ago
Not even going to click the link, the picture is enough.

Don't give them hits.
beast  +   2385d ago
Really R&C sequeal not announced. I guess you didnt play PSN R&C TOB where they talked about R&C sequeal in 2009 fall.

Plus.. I didnt realize the Announced Alan Wake for 2009


And why This site is a trolling biased

Trust me plenty More
SwiderMan  +   2385d ago
Pro-PS3 editorial from last week: http://www.gamingtarget.com...

Anti-Xbox 360 editorial from last week: http://www.gamingtarget.com...

How are they biased against Sony?
Gr81  +   2385d ago
Howard Lincoln 1996
"Quality over quantity"

Sony Fanboys 2006-2009 "Quality over quantity"
heyheyhey  +   2385d ago

way to miss out about 6 more PS3 exclusives (Demon Souls, Gran Turismo, Free Realms, EyePet etc) and throw in a bunch of PC-centric games, possibly coming to PS3 games and unknown, uncertain for release in 09 titles

this is biased sh!t to the max baby... how could they miss out Gran Turismo 5 lol

keep the deceptive PS3-bashing articles coming!!!
SwiderMan  +   2385d ago
Gran Turismo? Sure, that'll come out right after the PSP version ;)

Like the Guns N' Roses of video games.
NaiNaiNai  +   2384d ago
if you want to slide it that way. you do know theres over 30 games going to the 360 in 09 that will not go to the ps3. sure sucks to be you.
Parapraxis  +   2384d ago
NaiNaiNai , hahaha, such AS?
NaiNaiNai  +   2384d ago
just like him, i dont release dates.
kingme71  +   2385d ago
A title card at the end of Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty revealed that more Ratchet & Clank will be coming in 2009, but with Uncharted 2 launching at the same time, does Naughty Dog have two games in them

Looks like a small guffaw, but Insomniac not Naughty Dog created R&C.
Darkseider  +   2385d ago
WHAT!? Huxley, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell have no announcement date in 2009. Let's top that all of with a what the hell is Halo: Chronicles? I know of only two Halo games coming in 2009 those being ODST and Halo Wars. As for the PS3 R&C, Free Realms and Yakuza 3 aren't on the list. We know R&C will be out this year and Free Realms is in Beta right now. Yakuza 3 already has its' limited edition skinned/tattoed PS3 ready to go for bundles. Whatever, I just find it amusing how the author of this article manages to pull vaporware out of his arse for the 360 yet doesn't do the same for the PS3. Hell he should have included War Devil for the PS3. Seems it has about the same release date as Alan Wake and Duke Nuke'em Forever. This is just plain ole laughable at best.

EDIT: Then there is this little shot at the end of the Sony portion, "Almost seems like a metaphor for Sony's tumble into third place in market share and number of exclusives." ***Facepalm***
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Captain Tuttle  +   2384d ago
Bubble for at least reading the article before commenting.
Unicron  +   2385d ago
I can't wait to play the amazing Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake... in superior form on my PC.

These "articles" are silly pissing matches people, and always biased in some manner or ill researched.
SwiderMan  +   2385d ago
@Unicron then you should write one in response and quit JUST complaining. I'd like to read it (not being sarcastic--hit me up with the link)

@Unicron's comments below (I ran out of bubbles): Gaming Target has been online for 10 years (on February 17, 2009), and the problem is these are the unique articles that readers demand. They're debatable, but they're obvious of interest. If you don't like them, we could go back to posting about the latest Naruto game announcements. Or, we can uploading the purposely limited number of screenshots that publishers e-mail us each week in their effort to get mentioned each week.
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Unicron  +   2385d ago
I'll save myself, and you, the trouble. The game media is a biased joke of a business run by fanboys, nothing new there. Nowadays however, it's gotten worse with the advent of the casual blogger. People create webpages with the pure intent of FUD or spiting out spiteful remarks under the guise of "criticism."

Now, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but one would expect a site called NEWS4Gamers to actually have some semblance of "professional" news to it. Then again, game media is in its infancy, with a lack of standards and ethics found in other forms of writing and criticism. The situation lately is just compounded by said bloggers thinking their opinion actually matters. Hopefully some day this form of media coverage can catch up to that found in film and music, then we can read things about games that matter instead of what Fanboy A thinks of Console B's titles that he never even played being passed off as "news."

Then again... bloggers are stubborn punks.
Mahr  +   2384d ago
"The game media is a biased joke of a business run by fanboys, nothing new there. Nowadays however, it's gotten worse with the advent of the casual blogger. People create webpages with the pure intent of FUD or spiting out spiteful remarks under the guise of "criticism."

Then again... bloggers are stubborn punks."

Amen to that.
Snow  +   2385d ago
They forgot Demon souls..And Eyepet..And Gran turismo 5..And The Wall.
And Uncharted Waters..

Probably a few more i can't think of right now.
That site's a joke.
Shoko  +   2384d ago
Some of you guys need to stop hating.
Some of you are just purely hating on the amount of NON-SHOVELWARE/HARDCORE Wii games coming out.

ALTHOUGH, I can understand why you PS3 guys are mad at this article. There's way more PS3 games coming out than that, and like 2008, they will be awesome and big.

Remember the lists that NeoCrisis made? Those lists were very accurate, The Wii having the most games, PS3 2nd, and 360 3rd.

I'm sorry to say, but While my PS3 and Wii will be overplayed this year, my 360 will be collecting dust. There is games coming out for the 360, but it's amount can't possibly compare to the Wii and PS3's list. And a lot of those games we really don't know about anyways.

Oh, and don't you dare say "quality over quantity", because all of those Wii games are quality games, all of them. Or at least, 95% of them.
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user3915800  +   2384d ago
I hate xbots so much they always get all the good games
So, rumors of the PS3 having more exclusives than the 360 its not a fact? Please not again, I can not deal with all of the 360 bashing, its just not fair. Wait the 360 has not told us anything about all of their exclusives and still has more than the PS3 already? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo... ........... It suck been A sony bot, but you really suck just like the BBQ grill.
treereet  +   2384d ago
Where's Fat Princess and Flower :(

Those are probably 2 of my most anticipated games coming out the next couple months. I know they are downloadable but I would take them over 99% of the disk games.

Isn't Bikini Samurai Squad for the Wii as well as the 360? Or are the games different?
Lumbo  +   2384d ago
The most laughable point is the clearly biased non-exclusivity repainted exclusive by making up a rule that a game thats on more than ONE platform is somehow an exclusive..

There is no such thing as "console exclusivity"

Either a game is exclusive, then its EITHER only on PC, OR only on xbox360 OR only on PS3 or only on Wii. The very moment its on more than ONE platform its not exclusive anymore.

But its absolutely clear why the page chose to include the bogus rule. Cause the system they didn't want to look bad has nearly no exclusive incentives to sway a buyer.

The main pull of an exclusive is that you need that very platform to play the game, no other platform will suffice. But with the bogus rule they broadened the exclusivity to get the desired result. While you can only play PS3 exclusives on a PS3, the Console-x + PC games mostly play better on PC, and offer zero incentive to buy the console over the PC version. It is clear that the rule was specially included to be able to artificially enlarge the xbox360 lineup while at the same time reduce the percentage for Wii and PS3, as the latter systems only have REAL exclusives.

It is only natural that one of the few PC + PS3 games : Arma2 (release date set to june09) gets somehow .. overlooked ... yes SURE. And what about free realms, also set for 09 release.

And the final straw is the selective date-pushing

While there is NO indicator that alan wake will release in 09 the game is listed uncommented in the "09" 360 list. But titles that are listed in the PS3 area get a further hate-comment in the text below claiming all of them "may slip into 2010" .. wow .. so while at least 3 of the 360 list are at least as dubious for a 09 release there is no mention of it, but any game on PS3 is surely to delay .. yes, i see your agenda, loud and clear.
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Guitarded  +   2384d ago
About exclusivity.
If it makes you feel better you can call them Microsoft exclusive. Time and money are huge incentives to choose a console over a PC. A video card costs more than a 360 and you can't just unbox a PC, pop a game in and start playing any game on the system in minutes without first installing it to your hard drive maybe some firmware etc., etc., etc. PC gaming drains more time and money than console gaming, period. The thing that is clear to me is your upset that PS3 is last at everything this generation and will remain so.
blackpanther25  +   2384d ago
I don't know why you guys are always using the arguement that the pc cost more money than the 360. If you didn't know we live in a first world country where almost every house has more than one pc. What makes you assume that people who want to play 360 games on a pc have to buy the parts. What if they already have the parts (like students from tech schools). I don't care what anybody says about the ps3 or the 360, but when you want to put opinion/rumors as fact that just gets me mad. Tell me you did not see anything wrong with that article?

Huxley is about to get canned- there is no release date (i am in the korean beta)
APB- has no release date it is not even in closed beta (how i know because i am one of the few that has a promised spot in the beta)

They claim it is coming out in 2009, when that is incorrect. Now tell me is that right or wrong
pippoppow  +   2384d ago
Exclusivity pertains to a platform
MS does not own the PC platform. Hence they make no money off of non-MS published PC games. Even the PC games that have the GAMES FOR Windows strip on the box that aren't MS published do not generate any money for MS as that logo strip is only a quality assurance measure. Either it's exclusive or it's multiplatform. About the article, this author left out a bunch of PS3 games and his little jabs at the PS3 shows his bias.
Guitarded  +   2384d ago
I don't know about you blac, but my PC wasn't free when I got it.
Microsoft owns the operating system that all PC games run on pip. That doesn't nullify your point, but It does show Microsoft makes money from PC games they don't publish. I know Crysis sold some Vista for them.
T-Baggins  +   2384d ago
Bull Sh!t
360's bullsh!t list

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures* (already out on PC)
Alan Wake* (also on pc)
APB: All Points Bulletin* (on PC and possible on the PS3)
Battlestations: Pacific* (also on PC)
Blood Bowl* (downloadable game also on PSP and DS, why didn’t they add downloadable games for the PS3)
Champions Online* (also on PC)
Dead Island* (also on pc, and they have talked about a PS3 version)
Divinity 2: Ego Draconis* (also on pc)
Halo Wars (exclusive)
Halo: Chronicles (what the f*ck is this, never been announced)
Halo 3: ODST (exclusive)
Huxley* (also on pc)
Ninja Blade (exclusive)
Ninety-Nine Nights 2 (exclusive, the first one did great, lol)
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (exclusive)
Q3 (what the f*ck is this, I can’t even find it on Google unless it’s Quake 3)
Race Pro (exclusive)
Postal III* (also on pc and PS3)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope (exclusive, for now)
Stoked (exclusive)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction* (may not be exclusive anymore says rumors)
Two Worlds: The Temptation* (also on pc)
Warhound* (also on pc and PS3)

There are only 8 not 23

As for the PS3

The Agency* (also on pc)
Cross Edge (100% exclusive)
DC Universe Online* (also on pc)
God of War III (100% exclusive)
Heavy Rain (100% exclusive)
Infamous (100% exclusive)
Killzone 2 (100% exclusive)
LA Noire (no idea, no info)
MAG: Massive Action Game (100% exclusive)
MLB 09: The Show# (100% exclusive)
Quantum Theory (100% exclusive)
SingStar: Volume 3 (100% exclusive)
Twisted Metal PS3 (100% exclusive)
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (100% exclusive)
Warriors Orochi Z (100% exclusive)
White Knight Chronicles (100% exclusive)

plus what the missed

Free Realms (also on pc)
GT5 (100% exclusive)
Demons Souls (100% exclusive)
EyePet (100% exclusive)
Fat Princess (100% exclusive)
Flower (100% exclusive)
Wardevil (100% exclusive)
New Ratchet and Clank (100% exclusive)

There are 20 out of 24

(there may be more for both but I'm not looking anymore)

What a f*cking lying peace of sh!t site, that needs to actually look sh!t up before they post.
40cal  +   2384d ago
Wow dude, way to own the crap out of this site/article.

All I have to say is that I will be buying 13 of the PS3 games that you listed for 2009. Damn my wife is going to be pissed.
markus99  +   2384d ago
This Site is utter crap - gives the video game jornos a bad name
They put APB: All Points Bulletin as an Xbox 360 exclusive, but its absolutely not!
Its not even said to be coming out for either the PS3 and Xbox 360. its for PC only as of right now.
Somebody is looking at the Xbox 360 list of games from Wikipedia to compile their crap list.

Postal III has been announced for PS3 so WTF is it doing on the Xbox 360 list?
They list Blood Bowl?? WTF, come on now..

For PS3 they don't list - WarDevil, Demon Soul, YAkuza 3 just to name a few. They question if Insomniac will ever release a Ratchet and Clank game on a Disc when clearly Ted Price said they will take alternating development approach switching off between Resistance and Ratchet and Clank. Does that sound like they are planning a Downloadable game for 2009? Switch development cycle just to release a downloadable game?

It seems like the writer was trying extremely hard to make it seem like the PS3 list is smaller than the non-existent Xbox 360 list by building a Straw Man argument.

Write this crap list to get hits and temporary high volume traffic.
Let me give you a piece of advice, continue to write crap like this and your site won't last long. You might get some attention but eventually you won't even be breaking even when people pass over anything coming out of your site.

List is utter crap, they did very little research to write the crap story. What a crap bottom feeder site that barely ranks around 200k.

Do some research, you make video game journos look bad.
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Aery  +   2384d ago
maybe ...
... all non-Ps3 games are called exclusive now O_o
mastiffchild  +   2384d ago
Yeah, exclusive is an ULTIMATE. If a game appears on PC as well as either console it is therefore NOT exclusive(and this says nothing of the games nissed out on the list, on both sides, or those like AW that they decided WILL see a 2009 release whereas there's no R&C mentioned that WILL see one, or Yakuza3 for that matter).
The site is flamebait crazy and if it does run a story(about PS360) you can bet it's a hit for fanboys extravaganza.
Only the biggest one eyed fanboy(or nit nungry journo) would assert that PS3 had the least and less impressive exclusives this year so the hit starved site goes and says the obviously wrong in order to garner ill earned hits for their virtual rag.
Once more the internet shows idiots a way of gaining infamy easily with troll articles and it huirts the image of gaming as a whole.
This is just poor stuff that nobody can pssibly take seriously.

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