'New' Mario Kart comes from unexpected Source

Are you a big fan of MarioKart, I think everyone is. Well there is a new Mario Kart right around the corner but its not from Nintendo. The new Mario Kart comes form Modders of the Source engine. The creators state that this will not be a remake but a whole new game that takes the best from the series to make it into a new game.

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-GametimeUK-3412d ago


Mario Kart rocks :-) ... I hope these guys have actually made a good game here cos it sounds pretty sweet

MisterNiwa3412d ago

Mario Kart rocks, as long as it is from Nintendo...

Seriously, dont get your hopes too high.

Parapraxis3412d ago

MisterNiwa, do you have any idea how good modders on source are?
look up Black Mesa and other Half Life mods.

Queers of War3411d ago

yes....when it comes to games with guns

Kevin McCallister3411d ago

People always make the mistake of announcing their gaming remakes/projects too early, knowing there's a risk that the real developers will shut their project down. Just like with Starcraft DS and the Chrono Trigger remake. They should wait until the project is about 98% complete and then let the public know about it. That way if they get shut down, the completed game is still floating around the interwebs somewhere.

mirroredderorrim3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

They are very good at what they do.
(see link below)

Reedit: a Source version of Mario Kart? O_O

JustinSaneV23411d ago

Thanks for the NSFW warning.


TheIneffableBob3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

It's not Mario Kart, but Zero Gear looks awesome.

It's a kart racing game similar to Mario Kart. It's not a mod like Mario Kart: Source is, though--it's a full-on retail product.

frey3411d ago

Yeah, I would love it, but I think it shouldve been super valve kart like the vid, make all the tf2 chars, gordon, alyx etc and you got a loltastic racer, hell the spy's special item could be that he can backstab other karts.

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