Battlefield Heroes Beta Sign-ups Begin Again

The next round of free-to-play multiplayer shooter Battlefield Heroes's closed beta is set to open soon. Interested players can now head over to the game's official website to sign up for a chance to be selected.

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ThanatosDMC3438d ago

Link's broken... i wanna sign up too! Report this so it gets fixed!

lelo3438d ago

FOR F*CK SAKE ... DICE... forget about Battlefield Heroes... and announce Battlefield 3 for the PC already.

DeadGirls3438d ago

Heroes looks like it might be fun for a few minutes.

But its been HOW MANY YEARS since I stopped playing BF2? --And still no game has really come close to filling that gaming niche.

Battlefield 2142 -- Suck.
Quake Wars: Enemy Territory -- Fail.
Frontlines: Fuel of War -- Closer, but no.
Crysis Wars -- No.
Fallout 2 -- Nah (decent game though).

All BF3 has to be is BF2 with better graphics, a less clunky interface, and a stats/rank system that works, and it will be a huge hit. An improved cover system, character customization, and weapon mods would be nice, but not really necessary.

Sircolby453438d ago

I am signed up! :) Can't turn a game like this down whenever it is my favorite price...Only way it could be any better is if they payed me to play it :).

dragunrising3438d ago

Just signed up as well. Free is good. I hope that my system can run it. I'm not a typical PC gamer as you might have guessed...:-p

mcgrawgamer3438d ago

if your pc cant run this game. take it out to pasture and put it down.

Sircolby453438d ago

Lol yah my netbook EXCEEDS the requirements to run this game. As most of you probably know netbooks aren't exactly powerhouses.

KR3W6193438d ago

Yay,signed up,but what gives? wasn't it gonna be released last summer?

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