Cordweekly: Valkyria a videogame gem (Review)

Upon reading that Valkyria Chronicles has sold fewer than 30,000 copies since its release in November, I've decided that it would be a great disservice to PS3 owners to not bring this game to your attention. Valkyria Chronicles truly is one of the best games on the PS3 right now, and can be considered on the same level – and possibly even surpassing – titles like Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet.

Sega has done something decidedly un-Sega with this game – they've pulled off a new idea and alleviated the problems facing a particular genre. It's ironic that Valkyria Chronicles is destined for commercial failure for the same reasons that make it excellent.

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Baba19063616d ago

love it. im not that much a fan of this kind of games, but this one is just so much fun. its really good i must agree with the review. also i dont think it surpasses mgs4 or LBP

umair_s513616d ago

Everybody has an opinion, and in his opinion the game is superior to Metal Gear Solid 4.

Nice review though.

Brixxer6003616d ago

It's definitely a very good game but i wouldn't rate it higher than MGS4 or LBP, each to their own though.