Make or Break time: What Sony Must Implement This Year

Dave Barlow writes "With the 360's price drop making the PS3 look like even more of an exclusive luxury, and the line of "but the online service is free!" frankly no longer cutting it when compared to the vastly superior Live experience, Sony really need to buck their ideas up to stay in the game."

"The PS3 might be the best piece of hardware out there, but until the guy on the couch chooses to play FIFA or Madden with his friends on the shiny black beast, the Xbox 360 will always be far, far ahead."

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Kleptic3616d ago

I love these...'vastly superior online' of XBL...

2 features...unified invites/parties...and cross game chat...PS3 has both in some way...Home has the party system, yet no games support it I agree...that needs to change...and the chat feature still only works when both are sitting at the can't do it in game yet...

if that makes a $50/year service 'vastly superior'...I would say...awesome...imo however...hundreds of high speed dedicated servers across multiple games...for free... makes the PSN 'vastly superior'...try to argue that point...i'd love to hear it...

evadw3616d ago

My buddy called me the other night. He said "Dude! Let's have a few beers and hang out on FIFA. It'll be rad. They have hundreds of servers!"

roblef3616d ago

If free is the only reason it's NOT vastly superior, then we have different definitions. I define superior as a system that is easy to use, and has tons of people on it to use it with, plus great games. If PSN has that, then so be it.

sean-nirvana3616d ago

i'm a ps3 owner and i totally agree with this, the current chatting system is okay..but takes painstaking time and is a pain in the bollocks. so if they sort out the chatting system and integrate it with games so ya can talk to your mates while you're in a game it'll be perfect

Kleptic3616d ago

I never understand when people say this...what game can you not chat with your friends with on the PSN? just have to use the in game party system...which almost every online game has...

I 'chat' with friends all the time in CoD 4, LBP, Warhawk, MGS Online, R2, etc...each of those games support voice chat, and have a party system...its just its not some unified system implemented into the use that feature, you have to quit out of the game...where you can then use video too, if you want...

but what games are people playing where they can't chat with friends on the PSN?...just curious...

JohnR3616d ago

chatting with friends while other players are also talking is not very enjoyable. in games such as COD i like to play with a couple of friends and talk separately from the rest of the group so we can really concentrate on our tactics, this is very difficult on the PS3 system.

there are other things that make the PS3's online service inferior - not least the incredibly poorly designed PS Store and the fact that games need to go through ridiculous install times after downloading.

despite the talk about voice chat, the biggest problem is that barely anyone has a mic - Japanese companies still dont seem to understand how important online gaming is right now, Sony and Nintendo both get it wrong.

JohnR3616d ago

"I never understand when people say this...what game can you not chat with your friends with on the PSN? just have to use the in game party system...which almost every online game has..." - the article (and i presume the perosn this comment is aimed at) is talking about being able to talk to friends who are playing a different game to you. on the Xbox you can have a party of 8 people all playing differen games.

And before anyone asks, yes i own a PS3 as well as an Xbox.

JimmyJames703616d ago

And doesn't the PS3 have better graphics than the 360? And the reliability issues does not seem to hurt the PS3 either.

JohnR3616d ago

it doesnt seem to hurt the PS3, but the sales numbers suggest it doesnt help either

JimmyJames703616d ago

You have to take into play marketing and advertising. Even on TV shows or movies, when the actors are playing games, they are usually holding Xbox controllers.

GraySnake3616d ago

no in-game soundtracks for ALL ps3 games, that is the feature i want most, cross game invites, and private chat would be cool, but its not a priority for me.

Bren863616d ago

The main features sony has completely overlooked is the fact I still can't press the ps button and go to my friends list or players met and choose to invite a friend to my game, or join them in there game or start a private chat ingame or send a voice message.

How many more updates will it take to get these features? well it can't be that many now I guess.

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