CouchMercenaries Review Fallout 3 - It's a good game, but it's not Fallout... - TCM reviews Fallout 3, takes a look at the storied past of the franchise and explains why they feel the newest installment falls short.

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Gun_Senshi3611d ago

this is what i been saying.

Fallout 3 is not fallout

Snow3611d ago

It's elder scrolls,with guns.

Gun_Senshi3611d ago

yes and no.

The Elder's Scroll is a series. Oblivion is the one that does not feel like the elder scroll series. It lacks alot of dept and freedom compared to past TES series. Morrowind was the best one.

Its oblivion with guns, which is not even fit in TES Series.

BooZe3611d ago

I guess im not really into Fallout then, because I love this game..