The EvilCast NewsBrief: Episode #4

The Evil Editor writes:

"Cory has returned from lord knows where, as we continue our series of bite-size podcasts where we find our Editors having a casual conversation about the day's news.

Today's topics include developer layoffs, a studio reborn and other PlayStation related shenanigans."

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CrAppleton3613d ago

More greatness every time!

bgrundman3613d ago

gets a little bit better each day!

CrAppleton3613d ago

Yeah.. that's pretty much what I was thinking

CrAppleton3613d ago

So what does everyone want in their next PS3 update?

killyourfm3613d ago

Wishful thinking? Backwards compatibility :-)

bgrundman3613d ago

I am calling for skype access like on the PSP

CrAppleton3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

HA! I think backwards compatibility would require more than just an update.. Skype on the other hand.. sounds like a great idea!

killyourfm3613d ago

@Crappleton: It's technically feasible to implement some layer of backward compatibility via a software update.

But, for conversation's sake: Just give me a digital download of FFVII and I'll be a happy man.

bgrundman3613d ago

Square Enix would never let that happen... they are too dependent on milking their old classics to death

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killyourfm3613d ago

Really nice to grab a podcast I don't have to spend 2 hours on...