CSM: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review

The single player mode of 15 levels ends too quickly after about 13 hours. While much of it is on the easy side, the hard levels are terribly unforgiving. Sometimes, its environments seem unfinished as you find yourself moving through barren scenes. The gameplay is not always fluid, and you'll get choppy movement, especially in a massive battle scenes. Even walking doesn't always appear that natural. You can go back and play as different characters at different difficulty settings, but it is unlikely that you will because your first experience doesn't make you want to return. If you do return as a baddie, you'll eventually have to kill many hobbits and burn down the Shire. Online, the battles seem all too usual, and controlling those giant trolls and Ents is unwieldy because they move so slowly. This may be fun to Lord of the Rings loyalists, but even the true fan will likely wish that Pandemic had spent more time on the development of Lord of the Rings: Conquest.

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Gun_Senshi3611d ago

13 hours?

I passed SP of this game in 3 hours and traded in for PoP :/

check my thropies as proof

BulletToothtony3611d ago

i really want this game.. i actually liked the demo. I'm just a huge lotr fan.

Gun_Senshi3611d ago

I love lotr and loved the demo.

I suggest you only rent it.

SP is bad and short.

Online is good but its freakin empty...always same 4 people playing :/

BulletToothtony3611d ago

and yeah i didn't like the multiplayer either..