Splatterhouse the Goriest Game Ever?

The title alone should indicate that this games main theme is violence. Described as "Hyper Violent," Splatterhouse may in fact be a serious contender for Goriest Game Ever!

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rroded3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Actually first time I've seen the trailer looks pretty gory :D
Def a rental maybe a buy if they do a good nough job with the gameplay and the onlines got legs.

theKiller3615d ago

so rubbish and for sick people, they want to make it look like SAW or something!

nintendojunkie283615d ago

I take it you guys have never heard of.. or played the original..

....this is the rebirth of a classic...I'm personally excited about it.

MeatAbstract3615d ago

Looks good! Hope it is as violent as they make it out to be.

brycespitler3615d ago

i think it looks lame
ill wait and see how the gameplay turns out first

nintendojunkie283615d ago

...never played the original huh?

godcrusher3615d ago

I remember the original. I am also looking forward to this game. I will wait for some game play footage before I decide if its a buy or not though.

nintendojunkie283615d ago

..Yeah's time we see some gamplay...hopefully we will have somethin' soon.Nice to hear from someone else that's played the original.

MegaBit3615d ago

I remember the Splatterhouse games. I think the last time we saw a game form this franchise was 93 (Splatterhouse 3), so it has been awhile. Anyways there is next to nothing out on the game right now, but I read in a Magazine that the combat system is EXTREMELY popping zombie brains, tearing off limbs. It could most definitely be the most violent game out there.

nintendojunkie283615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

There's a youtube vid that has a collection of still images..and from what I've seen it looks to be pretty gruesome...there was one pic where the flesh had apparently been eaten off ricks arm by some wicked looking creature.Truthfully I don't care if it's overly gruesome or not..I'm just super excited about playin' a next-gen splatterhouse.