Gaming Age Review: Family Party: 30 Great Games

GA writes: "I am guessing that most people will have the same gut reaction to Family Party: 30 Great Games as when I first picked it up; serious doubt about the word "great" being in the title. After playing the game many times, I feel confident in saying that the title is promoting false advertisement. A more accurate title would be 30 Mini Games.

There are six "great games" in each of five areas; Athletics, Castle, Muscle, Shooting and Variety. Initially, there are three areas unlocked; each with five games. The remainder are unlocked by getting first place overall in the unlocked areas. At least I think that is how they are unlocked. This worked for me for two of the three areas. However, there were two times when I placed first in the Athletics area that I was awarded with the word Failed. I have never heard of getting first place and failing. After brooding about my first place failures, I realized something; failure is the mark of this game. In almost every way this game fails. From the manual that has no useful information to the terrible AI; this game has failure written everywhere."

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