Resident Evil 5 16 player listing is an error - Capcom

Capcom has just contacted D+PAD to inform them that the 2-16 player system link rumour revealed this morning is in fact an error. The rumour started when D+PAD spotted that the boxart of the limited edition steelbook stated that 2-16 players would be able to play the game via system link.

"It has been brought to our attention that the recently issued packaging for the Limited Edition version of Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360 contains an error," said Capcom.

"It wrongly stated that the game supported 2-16 players via system link. The correct number of players supported via system link is in fact two. Please accept our apologies for this mistake and any confusion this may have caused."

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Marceles3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

D+PAD: it's a lie!
videogaming247: no it's true!
D+PAD: no it's a lie!
videogaming247: true!
D+PAD: lie!
videogaming247: true!

DPAD Dave3409d ago

That's not quite how it went. We thought it was true at first! :D

But now it's not. :(

Marceles3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

The weird thing is DPAD seemed to notice the box art first, and then videogaming247 tried to jumped on it and "contacted" it's been kind of a tug of war to see what's true or not.

DPAD Dave3409d ago

Yep, something like that anyway!

YonasJonas3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

D+PAD should email Capcom back stating the readers have expressed a huge interest in a horde type mode. Something akin to Gears of War 2 or L4D for RE5. They'd sure sell a lot more copies that way besides keeping up with the times. It's only smart business.

LeonSKennedy4Life3409d ago

If anything, it would be closer to Resistance 2's co-op mode.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3409d ago

Dang it! I was excited for that!

FantasyStar3409d ago


Yup "W". =D