Welcome to Microsoft's Nightmare: Weak Quarter and Still More Yahoo Questions

Exactly what was Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer talking to Yahoo (YHOO) Chairman Roy Bostock and Time Warner (TWX) CEO Jeff Bewkes about last week in their mysterious New York tete-a-tete will likely be one of the many irksome questions execs at the software giant will be getting when it reports second-quarter earnings tomorrow afternoon.

Sources close to the situation said more intense chit-chatting has been going on among the trio about possible alliances and deals, but the outlook of something actually getting done is still unclear.

Oh, yes, there is also the expectation that Microsoft will show a missed target on its profits, as well as announce big job cuts to its 95,000-employee worldwide workforce

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Blackmoses3616d ago

Ain't lookin' so optimistic now huh?