Final Fantasy XIII Mini Update

Fantasy XIII got its latest blowout in Famitsu this week through a massive eight page feature. So, you're probably expecting an equally massive report here with all the details, right? Unfortunately, in typical style for anything Final Fantasy XIII-related, those eight pages are filled primarily with screenshots and speculation based off the screenshots.

Most of the info in the magazine was already revealed in a recent issue of Jump. Famitsu has at long last introduced its readers to Sazh Katzroy -- you know, the guy with the afro and the little baby Chocobo that lives in the afro.

We did manage to pick out a few notable bits, though. First off, a tiny bit about Sazh's combat style. While it was known that he makes use of dual guns, Famitsu also reveals that he can make use of magic as well. In the latest screens, Sazh is shown casting a fire spell against a giant enemy as Lightning takes what appears to be a blocking posture in the background.

Sazh's use of guns should contrast nicely with Lightning, who appears to be more suited for up-close combat (although it should be noted that Lightning can use guns too). We'll get a chance early on in the game to see the two in action together, as Famitsu reveals that Sazh is Lightning's very first battle partner in the game.

In a previous update, mentioned an unidentified man who's in the company of Lightning when she infiltrates a train that's making its way to Pulse (this is the train from that very first FFXIII trailer). The mystery man is almost assuredly Sazh. He and Lightning have apparently taken the disguise of prisoners in order to get on the train.

FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama shared a tiny blurb with Famitsu's readers about the game. The baby Chocobo who accompanies Sazh, said Toriyama, was born recently and can only fly just a bit. The creature has yet to be named. We're not sure if Toriyama means that Sazh has yet to give it a name as part of the game's storyline, or if the development staff has yet to decide on a final name.

Finally, just one intriguing little bit for those who are trying to get an image of what FFXIII's battle system will be like. While the ability to mix and match commands as you like seems like it will give the game a strong strategic side, Toriyama notes that those commands are chained into combos resulting in a variety of actions, allowing for a cool, refreshing fight.

This presumably means FFXIII's battles are going to look pretty darn cool. Hopefully, Square Enix will start sharing some footage so that everyone can see for themselves.

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