Capcom says Resident Evil 5 box art "isn't lying"

VG247: Following up on the rumour that Resident Evil 5 is to potentially feature between 2-16 player offline multiplayer, Capcom has confirmed to videogaming247 that the box art doesn't lie.


UPDATE: Capcom has now informed VG247 that it was indeed mistaken and the box art lied.

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THC CELL3611d ago

offline how lol

watch ps3 be online

Fishy Fingers3611d ago

Hope it isn't something cheap like a single player mini game that upto 16 of you can take turns on to see who gets the best score or something.

thor3611d ago

Actually that sounds about right...

shingo3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

How can they fit 16 players into an offline multiplayer match? Divide the screen into 16 sections? lol. Something needs to be clarified, Capcom.

thor3611d ago

The 360 only supports 4 controllers at once. Most people won't have more than 4 controllers anyway since it's pointless. The PS3 supports 7 controllers at once. So if it is indeed an offline mode, it will be a score-based take turns system. Further detracting from the "horror" element of survival horror and turning it into even more of an action game. Like L4D, Timesplitters 2's zombie survival or any other tongue-in-cheek zombie arcade game.

Baba19063611d ago

hmm so lan-gaming? do u have to connect many tvs and consoleS? or wahts the idea? i mean 16 people cant fit on the one screen. at least not if it still is resident evil 5. 0o i dont get it. im confused... hihih

PirateThom3611d ago

Yep, well, I'm guessing it's going to be 16 TVs/sytems or at least 8 TVs/systems with 2 people on each.

In this world of online, it seems redundant...

Dark_Vendetta3611d ago

It should be 4 TVs + 4 consoles (4 players on each console). At least that's how Halo worked

YonasJonas3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Without online capabilities this feature is totally useless to me. Not like I can really imagine any deathstyle matches with the gameplay for RE anyhow. I mean if they added the ability to shoot while moving it would work. Oh, well online co-op was already a huge unexpected plus. RE5 ftw!

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The story is too old to be commented.