Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 17

Eurogamer Write: It's the first face-off of the New Year and with it, the opportunity to bring the cold, hard, iron first of order to the games cupboard by rounding up the games we really should have covered by now, but didn't for reasons too numerous and too tedious to get into. It's also the chance to take a look at how the first high profile release of 2009 - EA's Lord of the Rings: Conquest - measures up under Eurogamer's unyielding scrutiny.

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Darkseider3406d ago

I am going to predict the SAME outcome as the previous 16 installments. Xbox 360 comes out on top and the PS3 is yet again relegated to the bin. amirite?

PirateThom3406d ago

Apparently all PS3 games look "blurry" both upscaled and at their native resolutions now.

So, yeah, a lot of nonsense as usual.

beardtm3406d ago

360 won again!

no surprise there, this is getting silly.

i actually feel bad for ps3 owners...

3406d ago
hay3406d ago

@Beware Oblivion: You must've not seen the PS3 playing some games judging by such illiterate bs you throw.
Dunno how they doing it but my visuals are pretty much clear with upscaling... Reading it I have a feeling there's a bit of bias and bs there.

SL1M DADDY3406d ago

Sorry but your post just drips of fanboy. If you can honestly believe what you have posted here then it is safe for me and the many knowledgable PS3 players that you are not a PS3 player and perhaps have never seen anything more than screen shots posted up on the web.

Simply put, these types of articles are for flame bait and fanboy wars and serve no purpose outside of that. In the end however, many of us who actually play games and keep from getting caught up in the fanboy banter know that both systems have great games and that much of what you see on the web in terms of the PS3 suffering graphically is just plain poor journalism.

Heck, some of these comparisons were done in the past without even setting the PS3 to it's optimal picture settings all the while setting the 360 up for the best picture. Now tell me, would that be considered truth or fiction? Good journalism or poor journalism?

InMyOpinion3406d ago

Anti-aliasing is last gen...

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-GametimeUK-3406d ago

People can make PS3 vs 360 articles all day
but at the end of it neither system has a game that can match Super Mario Galaxy

The Wii should be included in more face offs

littletad3406d ago

Rare to see that kind of Nintendo fan on here.

PotNoodle3406d ago

The only face off it would win is in sales ^^

Though my wii was useful at keeping my PS3 and 360 on the edge of my desk.

Anon19743406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I tried multiple times to get into Mario Galaxy and just couldn't and finally sold it to co-worker in my office with my Wii just before Christmas. I thought maybe I had just outgrown platform games as I didn't care for Ratchet and Clank either, but then I played LittleBigPlanet and loved that game.

jBat173406d ago

i have a samsung hdtv which is connected to my ps3 via hdmi. it has a feature called edge enhancement. i played around it, toggling it off and on. the difference it makes is very noticeable! with if off, the graphics looks blurry and muddy. with it on any game looks significantly better, the way it should be.

so maybe the ps3 somehow sucks at transmitting signals to tv's?! but your tv's settings can truly affect how good the graphics will look. maybe eurogaymer has a crappy tv set or has edge enhancement off.

Kushan3406d ago

You've found the Anti-aliasing settings for your TV, not many HDTVs will have such settings and it'll work just as well on a 360 or even a Wii (assuming the setting can be applied to non-HDMI inputs).


I thought they used capture card for comparisons :O

snyper8313405d ago

so that tells you the ps3 sucks at upscaling just what the editor was talking about, thats why most games look better on the 360.Man this is getting old every one knows most games look better on the 360 except some sony exclusives which takes ages to develop and lots of money,double the staff and then maybe you could get a better looking game just look at killzone2 i been waiting for that sucker since the ps3 came out and its barely coming out next month and it doesnt look even close to what sony promised back in 2005 remember??????????????
Thats sony for you, I just dont understand why people keep hoping for the ps3 to achieve better graphics??? its just not gonna happen and at the end of the day what matter are the games and so far 360 wins hands down. So far its looking really bad for sony, they are loosing so much money on every ps3 sold and 3rd party games are not selling well, the 360 sold more 3rd party games then ps3 and wii combined that means 3rd party developers will make more money by selling their games on the 360 and remember every company is here for the money,no money no games and so far its twice as expensive to do a game on the ps3 as it is on 360 now you do the math???????????????

1233603406d ago

i bought a ps3 a few months back,this site was one of the main reasons i held back on getting sony,s console.comparison this comparison that went to my mates house to watch him beta test killzone,new 160gb bundle bought the same week.when you start looking at games like killzone,mgs4,uncharted,motors torm 2 etc,etc those titles there already look better and sound better than anythink on my 360 to date.cod5,pop,dead space i bought for ps3 i can,t tell the difference between the 360 and the ps3 version the only thing i noticed was cod5 plays in 1080p on my newly purchased bravia as my mates 360 plays in 720p on his samsung.the way this site talks its like there light years apart,thank f*ck i bought a ps3 to miss out on there exclusives would be insane and the multiplats who knows i can,t tell jack sh*t between them as of what i,ve bought.

SL1M DADDY3406d ago

So many idiots here actually listen to the fanboys here spreading FUD about the PS3 and forget that the one thing that counts is your own opinion. You did the right thing by buying the PS3 and seeing for yourself that the games you play look nothing like the bias medias reports. Heck, I play COD4 and World at War all the time and I had some idiot from the GamerCast Network tell me that COD4 on the PS3 was "unplayable". Now tell me, if that was the case, then why is it that the game is played all the time but tens of thousands including myself? I chalked it up to ignorance, just like I do with all the other fanboy banter you get here and on nearly every other North American site that feels the need to suck MS's arse.

I have no problems with the 360, in fact I love it. But one thing I do have a problem with is media that is bias and reports nothing but FUD on Sony and is blatant about it. Sony deserves a fair shot at the console generation and it just seems too many are out there trying too hard to keep fair journalism from reporting the good about them.

illuminatus_V3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I don't understand that pixel comparison. a game that sucks can have the best graphics ever, nevertheless the game will suck. so whats the deal. for me its not the graphics its the gameplay, the story, the twists, the fun. best example is Left 4 Dead. Old Engine but a lot of fun. i always prefer little less graphics in favor for steady 60fps game performance.

so the only important thing to me in that comparisons are the frame rates.

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