America's Army 3: System requirements

The system requirements of America's Army 3 have been released.
Dual or Quad core 2.4 GHz CPU and a Shader Model 3.0 graphics card are recommended. The minimal requirements are even lower.

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jay23611d ago

cool stuff, no spec issues god I wish we got more DX 10 games.

wwedx3611d ago

I wonder if this is gonna get ported to xbox 360?

M337ING3611d ago

Nah. The Main America's Army games are free-to-play recruitment tools. MS would never allow something as big a game as that be played for free on LIVE, and having people pay for it would defeat the purpose.

Hallucinate3611d ago

i could see going on psn cause sony does allow free stuff to go through...but then i doubt theyd wanna port it to ps3