Rumor Smash: Warhawk Download Only

For the second time in about as many months Sony is smashing the rumor that Warhawk is going to be downloadable only.

When contacted for comment by Kotaku today, Sony reps said:

"At this time that's simply not true. We have not made any decision with regards to distribution for Warhawk, which is due out this fall."

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How come DJ has more bubbles than GaMr...have I been missing some illogical comments coming from GaMr...because all I've seen is rational conviction so far...

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In my opinion they both deserve at least 5 bubbles.

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GaMr didn't deserve to lose so much bubbles. He's not a hardcore fanboy like some of the past members were during the earlier days of I think it probally has something to do with being ganged up on and clicking on the "Shut this User up" button and the Report button.

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We all understand when Juevani, TheMART or Overated loose bubbles, but we keep forgeting that those fanboys have the same rights to click "Shut up user".

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that is definitley a possibility.

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