Resident Evil 5 to include 16-player offline multiplayer?

The Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 5 will contain 2-16 player offline multiplayer, if the latest UK packshot of the game is to be believed.

As pictured, the rear of the steelbook limited edition version of Resident Evil 5 states that 2-16 players will be able to hook up and play together via system link. Online multiplayer, however, is still restricted to 2.

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RyuStrife3586d ago

Maybe it's a separate Story...kind of like Outbreak. We'll find out.

ThanatosDMC3585d ago

So what would the other 14 people do? They'll be the "zombies" or another Leon-like character???

Marceles3586d ago

I'm surprised it has the system link tag and not the "co-op" tag on the back.

PirateThom3586d ago

I bet it's a misprint... how can you have 16 people at once?

thereapersson3586d ago

I agree.

I don't understand why developers are intent on putting co-op in EVERY game this generation, even when it makes no sense in the context of the title. When a game doesn't have co-op, no matter the reasons why, it gets bashed accordingly.

That said, i really think this is a misprint. 16 players in Resident Evil makes no sense, let alone a smaller number like 4.

thor3586d ago

It says - it means via system link.

Perfectly possible - but maybe a bit pointless if it doesn't have the same option online.

It will probably be a half-arsed deathmatch mode too.

hay3586d ago

It seems to be mispring although it would be really awesome to have offline coop. I'm into this kind of stuff so would be highly appreciated by me.

ice_prophecy3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

For normal people, Lugging together 16 ps3, letting alone finding 16 ppl with ps3 locally is a major pain the arse.

I rather get 4 ps3 together, and just have 4 ppl on each...

When I hard COoP and Split screen were the next big thing i rushed out and bought a projector.... but alas, it has been disappointing.

die_fiend3586d ago

Ignore PirateThom's ridiculously dumb comments, Capcom have just confirmed that the box art isn't lying. So stop betting on things you don't have a clue about; something you do on a regular basis

Armyless3586d ago

I guarantee you'll be nice and toasty.

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SAiOSiN3586d ago

i'm not buying this game becuase it's forcing co-op on you. resident evil is dead.

thereapersson3586d ago

Capcom is straying from the survival-horror aspects that made the once-great series what it is. Now with this game, it seems more about "survival-action", which I'm not sure I am comfortable with.

Hopefully when more previews come out, we can see just how the game is coming together in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. That's mostly what I'm concerned about.

pippoppow3585d ago

But I do wish they had the classic zombies in there. I want to see a slow moving zombie get it's arm blown off and still keep coming with it's gut coming out while reaching for you all in HD. Maybe have both infected and zombies that attack each other as well as the main character. They need to bring back the suspense and tension of the earlier games or at least bring back some of it. Also puzzles unless they make sense should be kept to a minimum.

SAiOSiN3585d ago

in the words of gamespot in the r&c tod review. i think that re5 is having a bit of an identity crisis. it doesn't know what kind of game it wants to be. it slowly starting to build itself around a co-op gimmick and the whole horror aspect from previous Re's isn't quite there. i will probably be passing on this one.

peeps3586d ago

bound to be a mistake. for a start why would you allow 16 players locally but only co-op online... and how would 16 offline even work. you'd have to link up atleast 4 tv's/consoles with 4 split screens on each!

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