Correction: I am Alive to be released by the end of March

VG247: Earlier today we told you that Ubisoft's disaster movie FPS I am Alive was coming in Q1 2009. Well, we've had had clarification from Ubisoft saying that the released date is Calendar Q1, meaning that we will see the game sooner than we first thought.

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shine13963408d ago

bloody hell.
no assasins's creed type of trickle?
no hype at all?

Dark_Overlord3408d ago

it seems just recently they don't care if the games are broken they will just release them, take Farcry 2 for example its as glitch fest and their customer support is next to zero

ThanatosDMC3407d ago

Seriously Far Cry 2 is full of bugs? Damn, i was gonna buy it tomorrow from Best Buy.

Alcohog3408d ago

Well my initial gut feeling is that this game is going to be a mess.

morriss3408d ago

I can't believe it'll be released within two months? Strange.

micro_invader3408d ago


We haven't heard anything from this game, in fact the only thing I've seen is that teaser trailer from last year.

The question isn't wheres all the hype, the question is where is all the basic info we need to know before we even consider purchasing this game.

Giriath3408d ago

Agreed. I thought this was in the middle of development.

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