Console Wars: Wii vs Xbox vs PS3

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Hollywood thrived because it offered people a way to escape from austere times. Today, the video-game industry is providing exactly the same service.

With so much at stake, it will come as no surprise that there's a bloody war for market dominance being waged between the "big three" console manufacturers. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are pitted against each other in a battle over who can win the hearts - and cash - of the world's gamers.

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Saint Sony3616d ago

Yep, it might be that this gen console war is solved with the next generation.

will113616d ago

Press disagree if you think the PS3 will fail

Zhuk3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

An article of the highest quality, I applaud the brave journalists of this newspiece for their accurate and objective research, even though once the fandroid inquisition learns of it they will be burned at the stake.

My favourite quote is this: "In terms of sales, Sony Corporation's PlayStation 3, which was launched in November 2006 in the US and in March 2007 in Europe, is increasingly being seen as the runt of the litter. It has long lagged behind Microsoft's Xbox 360, which went on sale in late 200..."

Like the ugly twin or the weaker newborn farm animal the PS3 is universally unloved and unwanted and was born with mutations and conditions which make it technologically disabled and retarded, worldwide consumers have gained an insatiable appetite for the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE platforms, providing them with the ultimate home entertainment ecosystem ever devised by man.

The PS3 is such a disaster of epic proportions one could write a doctoral thesis on where Sony went wrong, but for the fandroids out there (a hamster has more intellect than this lot) I shall explain it to them once more why the PS3 is inferior to the Xbox 360. The PS3 is the worst designed console of all time, with its poorly designed architecture and like the runt of the litter the PS3 is a real mangy mutt, it uses a veritable patchwork of garbage and unsuitable components for a home entertainment system, such as the use of the CELL processor, limited RAM, RSX and Blu-Ray a great example of Sony puttings its own corporate greed and interests over that of developers it has created a machine that is horribly inefficient and unwieldy, less powerful than the Xbox 360 while being significantly more to produce. This has led to higher development costs and inferior quality games on the PS3 platform, and consumers in all their wisdom have decided to abandon this sinking ship of a console once and for all.

The Xbox 360 on the other hand is the pinnacle of human ingenuity and perfection, with each of its components working in perfect harmony with each other to create the ultimate home entertainment architecture in which developers may realize the full potential of their creative visions in a timely and cost effective manner. This is why Xbox 360 games look better, play better and are overall better titles than their PS3 counterparts, because the Xbox 360 gives developers and publishers the power that they need to fully realize their projects on budget and on time, which allows for a far better defined and polished gaming experience to the end user.

Not only has the marketplace abandoned the PS3, but we have seen thousands of development houses and publishers abandon the PS3 like rats off a sinking ship and now every single major publisher and development house on the planet now calls the Xbox 360 its lead platform and home for the future of home entertainment.

Consumers and industry have all voiced their universal support for the Xbox 360, the only bastion remains is the die-hard fandroids, who love nothing more than playing inferior titles on an inferior home entertainment ecosystem. Sony and the PS3 are financially, morally and ethically bankrupt, as are the mindless drones of supporters they have who mindlessly throw money at a markedly inferior product.

The fandroids are the sort of people who have no concept whatsoever of value or quality and have gladly continued to pay more for less. Throw away your money to your sleazy Sony gods fandroids, as it will all be for nil.

It's time to jump in before its too late for you all.

Rhoic3593d ago

"Like the ugly twin or the weaker newborn farm animal the PS3 is universally unloved and unwanted and was born with mutations and conditions which make it technologically disabled and retarded"

I have to admit.. that was clever, and funny as all hell. :x