Neocrisis: Iphone Air

Neocrisis: The phone comes with a big big Apple logo on the front and you also get camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, music player and dual SIM support. There are two color options for this, the pink and the black.

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Darkseider3619d ago

Please say this is a really bad joke. There is nothing about that phone that is even remotely appealing.

slave2Dcontroller3619d ago

This is iCrap and I'm hoping that its a cheaper verion of the current 3G rather that a TRUE follow up.

I was hoping for a Landscape KB for txting and maybe a Real KB with an optional Virtual KB. Also a Faster OS that doesnt lock up.

The Air looks like a gotdamn Motorola Razor made by Apple. No Thanx

SiLeNt KNighT3619d ago

a flippin flip phone...nah.

somebody took the razor to photoshop and covered the outside screen with a bigger apple. that looks ridiculous

SaiyanFury3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Oh man another one. Another product with an unusually large logo for Apple lovers to buy with an inflated price no doubt. I'll stick with my Blackberry Curve and avoid Apple's proprietarism.

SuperSaiyan43619d ago

Look it up beats the iPhone hands down.

PS3n3603618d ago

This is BS. There is no way apple would release that ugly piece of sh1t. If they did then I have lost faith in their design team.