Title update for Gears of War 2 releases today and fixes a lot

Console Monster writes: "A title update for Gears of War 2 has been released earlier today. Whilst I knew there were problems with the game, I didn't think there was this many! The update fixes a number of exploits with the title including:

* Crabwalking
* Invisibility
* Weapon-slide
* Melee through walls
* Unlimited ammo

And I've picked just a few of the many adjustments:

* General Fixes: Shotgun and Boomshot updates, meatshield chainsawing updates, team communication, Insane gamer picture award.
* Balancing: Planted proximity grenade updates, increased quitting penalties, spawn protection, flamethrower stopping power.
* Improvements: Annex uses execution rules, achievement progression in the War Journal, added 7 DLC-based achievements worth 175 GamerScore.

A full list of fixes can be found on the official forums and believe me, there are a lot..."

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VanGlorious3618d ago

All these fixes but i dont see one mention about the vacuum saw. What about that? That was the main reason i stopped playing. If they balanced the shotgun, i hope it has stopping power for the vacuum saw. Because the moment i see a noob revving his sucksaw and i shoot him 5 times in the face/chest and i still get chainsawed im selling the damn game.

Firstkn1ghT3618d ago

sounds like you like most people that complain about the chainsaw just sucks. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep a safe distance from your enemy and if you see a noob rushing you dash out of the way and take him out. I have no problem taking out noobs with chainsaws.

Lich1203618d ago

I disagree... it doesn't have anything to do with sucking. I play alot and I still hate the vacuum saw. Problem is, thats a lag thing. If they're not going to make it so they get stunned easier (they probably won't since they added chainsaw duels and want to see them happen) then in a laggy game theres no way to tell if your in chainsaw range or not. And lets face it... gears 2 tends to lag, a lot.

bomboclaat_gamer3618d ago

ur right. i thought they were gonna fix it. no matter how good u r, u will get sucked in by the chainsaw. any noob can chainsaw anybody

pumpkinpunker3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

let me guess-- you were one of those noobs who shotgunned on the original GOW. chainsaw is fine. just L2Play.

Balance3618d ago

i agree the chainsaw is fine, actually in a laggy game it is your best weapon since i can fire the shot gun 4 times at someone and they turn around and kill me in one shot, however the chainsaw always works. as for noobs running around doing nothing but chainsawing, if they get you it is definitly your fault even if the game is laggy. just roll back (you roll faster than they walk) then just lancer or hammerburst them down, that easy. maybe if you didn't run around with the shot gun from the start of a round and run up to people you wouldn't get chainsawed so much. what i hoped they fixed is the fact the shotgun range, people shouldn't be able to snipe you from a great distance with the shotgun.

Lich1203618d ago

Ok, I agree in a very laggy game the chainsaw is your best bet. But what about those of us who prefer the hammerburst because it's more fun and in my opinion takes a bit more skill than the lancer. I never start with a lancer, which is perfect in non-laggy games but the second the lag spikes hit its game over for me.

Oh, and how are you going to argue that holding the B button takes more skill than aiming with a shotgun? If anything I'd say poor players benefit the most from the new chainsaw mechanics.

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borgome3618d ago

LOL, you just made your self sound really stupid with the dumbest comment I've ever seen on this website. The "patches" are for GeOW 2, not for the 360.

peeps3618d ago

yep. glad they've fixed alot but still imagine there will be problems. mayb venture online again tonight though :D did the first game have this many problems. i didnt buy it till late after release so by that time it ran pretty well, which is y i was amazed and how dodgy the sequel was when it first released, mainly sitting in a party waiting to join a room for 10 mins at a time on the night of release :(

Firstkn1ghT3618d ago

Hopefully this will take care of all the noobs that straight suck.

Nicolator3618d ago

seriously.. i am so happy about the bug fix now noobs will suffer under my wrath!.. and know what is called pain!.


MURKERR3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

you think you are firstknight, i waited THIRTY minutes to enter a match on my nephews 360, PERSONALLY speaking for me i prefer gears 1 gears 2 seemed rushed for the christmas period to many bugs

RebornSpy3618d ago

I don't get what you mean. If a game's multiplayer is broken and a patch fixes it, it is no longer broken. And after the first update I rarely had trouble finding games to play. And my roommates and I played a lot.

I personally loved the campaign, which definitely didn't seem rushed, and the multiplayer is addictive if not fair. When I go back to school for the Spring semester we'll probably start playing again. Here's hoping the patch does a lot of good.

Helghast Slayer3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Yeah nearly 2 months after. You know, for a so called AAA game that recieved a hell of alot of 9's and 10's one would think the game was near perfect. Can someone explain to me why all the ridiculous issues weren't pointed out in the hundreds of reviews for the game...anyone? No seriously, coming from a potential 360 buyer i would really really love to know?

I wanna know what type of quality and service i will be getting from the 360 exclusive games.

peeps3618d ago

i'm guessing its because most reviewers only really look at the single player. e.g. even in the official playstation magazine. in the killzone 2 review the multiplayer section gets like 1 or 2 paragraphs.

the single player is really gd (i'd give it a 9/10) and online could be good if it wasn't so buggy soooo with all these patches eventually online will be fixed and ppl will be able to enjoy it.

Do believe reviewers should pay more attention to the multiplayer aspect though since its that component of the game that people will be playing months after release

Lich1203618d ago

Well for one they're all multiplayer related so im sure the reviewers didn't see most of them and secondly lots of them take a bit of creativity so they've been coming out over time. For example I've only noticed the invisibility happening in the last 2 weeks.


i think you and the guy who posted below are right.

i loved gears 1 to the point i was playing it in lan tournies, but gears 2.... i still have not finished. and the online play is a mess.

I just don't know how or why it scored so high. sure i know most games have some kind of problem with them, but when it gets to that level it should reflect in the score. someone needs to be honest and tell Cliffy that gears 2 really is mess.

I will get home and try it again just to see what difference it makes, but personally i don't see much changing. everytime they brought out a patch for gears 1, it fixed one thing and broke something else.

lets see.

InMyOpinion3618d ago

"Do believe reviewers should pay more attention to the multiplayer aspect though since its that component of the game that people will be playing months after release."

In some cases they don't give the reviewers access to it. Like in MGS4's case.

Jdoki3618d ago

The problem is, as the multiplayer aspects of some games become more and more important, those apsects need to be thoroughly reviewed.

As most reviewers receive their copies before retail launch, the number of people opnline is tiny. So reviewing online components is really tough. (And some reviewers only get limited time with the game in a controlled environment - I believe this happened with GTAIV reviews).

I'm not trying to excuse bugs getting through, but it does explain why many reviewers praise online modes, but when a large number of people actually get online then huge weaknesses or bugs appear(talking generally here, not directed at Gears 2 specifically).

I can't really see a solution for this, but it is something that needs adressing.

Helghast Slayer3618d ago

Thanks to all that replied. I just think the score isn't justified just based on the SP alone. And why did i get disagrees for asking an honest question. I guess people don't want to see me on xboxlive lol.

Jdoki3618d ago

"Thanks to all that replied. I just think the score isn't justified just based on the SP alone. "

I absolutely agree. I would go so far as to say that where appropriate multiplayer and singleplayer modes should be reviewed separately and give separate scores.

If you take Gears 2 - the singleplayer mode is all about the story, and should be reviewed as such. The multiplayer is obviously not constrained by this and has a totally different emphasis. How can reviews lump these two very disparate components under one score?

ThanatosDMC3618d ago

How bout Resistance 2? They reviewed the hell out of its multiplayer and single player modes.

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