Neocrisis: Donkey Kong Classics Retro Review

Neocrisis: In this game Jump Man, or Mario as he is commonly called, sets out to save 'princess' Pauline who is being held captive by the vicious Donkey Kong. This game only has three timed levels but each drastically increases in difficulty. And Jump Man is only given three lives to last him for the entire game. However, he can obtain one extra life if the player collects a minimum of 20,000 points. There may only be a few levels in this game but any gamer who can make it to the end will be overjoyed with a sense of accomplishment. However, making your way to the top of the screen only to find you've been killed by one of Donkey Kong's barrels might cause you to go loco on your NES. So if you are a sore loser I strongly recommend you stay away from this game lol.

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