EA Sports Tennis has 'huge potential'

MCV: Publisher ready to take on 2K and Sega in genre; looks to conquer Wii in 2009

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PirateThom3591d ago

Good luck, EA. Between Virtua Tennis, Top Spin, Smash Court Tennis and whatever Nintendo decide to throw out with Mario, it's quite a packed genre.

HBK6193591d ago

I thought that EA Sports Tennis was to be a PS3 exclusive?

PirateThom3591d ago

According to the site:

"EA Sports Tennis will be available late 2009 for the Wii and next generation consoles"

HBK6193591d ago

Yeah it seems not now that I look into it more, but it's just for the longest time this was listed on IGN as a PS3 exclusive, only now it has the 3 platforms for the title.

GFahim3590d ago

the wii version is actually the LEAD SKU - thats what EA said